What is for lunch?

Okay, so I figure after yesterday's post, and telling you about my story of the spaguettis I needed to post something to proof my family is eating :).
One thing before I go on. Did you get to read the comments from yesterday? One is from one of my nephew? (one of the ones from the spaguetti story). If not, let me put it in here for you, it will give you another laugh, especially if you know him :).

From Alberto": I remember the day of the spagettis like it was yesterday!! I was the one gagging and begging my aunt not to make me eat them (I cried too, but not in public). But recently at Matt and Pilar's house I really enjoyed all of the meals. My favorites are the chicken parmesan and the shrimp calzoneto."
Alberto, I am really sorry for doing this to you. And to proof it, the rest of the post is dedicated to you. The shrimp calzoneto recipe!

When I asked some people what they thought I should write about, several asked me for recipes ideas (I am glad I am not the only one that needs some help in the menu planing department). Of course, I am sure you were asking for Spanish meals, but like I explained yesterday, I learn to cook in the States. I will work on finding spanish recipes just for you guys :).

This recipe has shrimp though and seafood is big here in Spain so...... :) So this recipe (of course it is a recipe) was given to me by my friend Deanna. Here is the link for the original recipe from foodnetwork.com . Now, like we all do, you may choose not to use some of the ingredients (like I did), but wanted to give you the original recipe and then let you do without whatever you want.
This says serves 6 but I like mine stuff, so I use the same amount to make 2 calzones. They end up pretty filling so you may want to make some salad and share one of those. Or follow the recipe and make the 6. Up to you. I do not make the dough (although Deanna does and it is great) I use the refrigerated pizza dough. I also don't use so much cheese, but because I make 2 instead of 6 (the pizza dough I use is really big anyway). Here are some photos of the before and after. This has turned into one of our favorites.

Shrimp is pretty cheap here (unless you are trying to buy it in Christmas). I payed 3 euros for 1lb. Peel it, cut in in smaller pieces and put salt and pepper.

Put in skillet the rest of the ingredients (but cheese) and cook until is more like a paste.

Mix it with the shrimp... (I always think you could stop here and serve it as an apetizer with some bread.
Spoon shrimp mixture over Pizza dough and sprinkle cheese

Blush edge of dough with egg. Place calzones in an oven and cook till done :).
And now enjoy :)

Sooooo good!!!

I am going to try to post one recipe a week of something I have make that week. I would love if you did the same, maybe that way we can help each other. Let me know if you do please.


Aliene said...

Hey, You! Shrimp! That is a different recipe. Here in Louisiana we boil shrimp,make shrimp gumbo, shrimp ettoffee,
put boiled shrimp in green salads.

Might just try yours. I have to be in the mood to peel the shrimp.
How much is a euros in american money?

Nina in Portugal said...

You were holding back on us...you CAn cook!!

Look at that shrimp thingy-ma-jig!!

way to go...and looks like hubby is happy!!

Pilar Stark said...

Now remember, I didn't say I can't cook, I just said that I need recipes to do so ;)

Aliene, the dollar is worth 1.25 per euro,which is not bad considering it was 1.60 not too long ago. Us missionaries were really hurting. Praise the Lord is more stable now and about the same range we were counting with when we were on deputation raising support.

Dani Joy said...

Hey Great job!! I stay away from home made pizza thingys but where do you find the already made pizza dough?

Can I claim the torilla post, Pilar? I have the fotos already. Just have to add a few more. I thought of it today before I read your post actually. I am not Spanish but I learned to cook in Spain..jejeje.. we are backwards!!!

Love ya, Girl!

Jen said...

Mmmmm...that looks good! Thanks for posting it! I love trying new recipes!

the Gentry family said...

Yum!! Looks so good and I don't even like shrimp!! :) I'm probably even more "stuck" than you are when it comes to cooking. My menu hasn't changed much at all in almost 8 years!

Jill said...

Looks great! My family wouldn't eat it with shrimp, but I'm already thinking of what else I could do with it. Thanks for the ideas!

Dani Joy said...

Hey girl! It´s cause of all your encouraging!!! Thanks so much!!! :)

I hoped to pick a flat iron out with you when we go down. I am a little out of it when it comes to styling. My mom was the Peluquera. jeje.

Grace said...

Mmm! Those look so good...I can't wait to try your recipe!