I am it, I have been tagged

Dani Joy tagged me to post 7 things that people usually don't know about me. I have done it before, but I did my best to post some new ones. If you are new here, or don't know me, please don't judge me by number 2 , it was a dark time :), we all have one of those don't we?

Okay, so here are the rules: I need to link to the person that tagged me. I need to share 7 things people may not know about me. I need to tag 7 people to share 7 things and link to them. I need to let them know they've been tagged.

So, here we go

1.- When I was 1 we had a neighbor my same age (1 week apart). For what they tell me I could speak full sentences while my neighbor couldn’t at all. I always carried a baby doll by the hair, and the neighbor’s mom thought the one talking was my doll because “there was no way a little girl could talk so much”… yeah, I am a talker…

2.- When I was in 11 and 12 grade I was a bit of a bully to twin girls in my class. Not proud of it ladies, but I am guilty.

3.- Before I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child I didn’t want to take a pregnancy test because “there was no way that I could be pregnant”…. But….. I was pregnant.

4.- I didn’t go to college. I drop high school in 12th grade, didn’t see the point. I went to work as a secretary (connections) and when I finish I realized how dumb dropping school was, so I took some classes in accounting and office administration. Really loved that kind of work.

5.- Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a stay home mom. I enjoyed working outside the home when I did it, but to me, there is nothing like taking care of my home, my girls and my husband (not in that order necessary).

6.- Once my three girls are in school I would love to take some kind of photography classes because it is something I love, and would love to be able to do good.

7.- I don’t play games I know I can’t win. I will try one time and if I stink at it most likely I won’t play again. I am way to competitive. :)

Now, for the ladies I am tagging to join the fun:

1.- Nina at Portugal Bound
2.- Jen at I believe in love
3.- Rachel at Smith Family of Six
4.- Ashley at Alberto-n-Ashley
5.- Grace at LifeperQs Plus
6.- Becky at Cook Family

I would also like to thank Dani Joy for giving me this award. It is my desire to let God's light shine bright through me. Thanks Dani, you sure derserve one to :).

I would like to give this award also to some ladies that allow His light to shine clearly through them.

Dani Joy because, yes girl you deserve one too.
Jen for the wonderful work they are doing for the Lord in South Africa
Deanna because we have been friends ever since I got saved and she has always been a great testimony and help to me.

So many others I would like to award, Nina, Jill, Juana, Arancha, Ashley, Laura, Nicole .... but my husband wants me to get off the computer... lots of things to do this morning. But consider yourseld awarded as well. What a great God we serve!!!!!

Thanks ladies so much for you friendship even through this blogsphere. I love you gals!



Dani Joy said...

So sweet! Thanks for your comments.. I know they are not just said out of flattery cause you are just not that way. ;)So they mean so very much!

I still remember when you first came back to Spain and you told me not to judge you by the expression on your face. I remember thinking "wow, she is tough" jeje.. I know differently now but boy was I intimidated at first. LOL

You wrote 7 things I did not know about you. So much to learn still! YOu are a great Mommy! And it is evident that you are fulfilling your calling! God is using you in a great way!! I praise the Lord for our friendship that has grown through this short time.

Thanks for playing along, even though you had already done this tag thingy. and thank you so very much again for sending the award back to me. I did not even expect that. ;)

Have a great Tuesday! Gonna see you in a week and a half!!
(ok so I wrote a post in your comment box!) :)

Ashley said...

No. 7...
Now alberto and I know why we could never get you to join in monopoly...

Pilar Stark said...

Danielle (so weird to call you Dani Joy ;)) you post away girl :) I love comments and even more if they are long ones :)

Ashley... yep, I gave Monopoly a couple of tries and i stank both times so... the same reason why I never play clue :)

A Child of the King said...

Pilar, Thank you so much sharing your blog with me. I remember always feeling so unqualified to be around the King/Stark clan, family and in-laws included. I may have come across as snobby because I would not start up conversations with anyone. So if I ever came across that way please forgive me, I was not brought up around people who always put God in the center of everything they did. I have been so blessed by your blog and testimony. Will keep you and your family in our prayers. Thank you again for being real and honest.

Deanna said...

thanks for visiting me at my blog!!! what a neat thing to get to know you a little through this post of 7 things about yourself. I actually have a blog-friend who has passed this same 'tag' along to me,,, I have to get on it, and make the post over at my blog.

So nice to meet you, and I look forward to coming back :O)
Deanna @Inside deanna's Diary

Ashley said...

Pilar..... are you saying you dont have a clue???? Just kidding:)I was always a softy at monopoly Ask Matt about the game where we kept on playing and playing cause I would give him and Alberto money so they wouldnt be bankrupt, I dont know it made me feel bad to make them go bankrupt:)

Miss Charlene said...

Very cool post! Photography classes would be fun! There's nothing like capturing beautiful things in a photo and preserving them forever!

Jen said...

Thanks, Pilar! Cool to read about you, too! I will have to think of 7 things to post! Hmmm...

heidi said...

Pilar - I was mean to a few girls in school, too. One of them I felt so bad about that I sought her out and wrote her a note of apology. I just felt so burdened to do it.

It was fun reading those things about you!

Dani Joy said...

Oh It´s ok to call me Daniela! I perfer that in Spanish. Dani Joy is just my bloggy name and College name. I wanted a change when I went to college and introduced myself to eveyone as Dani. It was fun for a littl while.. but when I met Joseph we used our full names. We still don´t use our apodos much. jeje
But some call me Dani here.. Monica calls me Dani and I just love how she says it. She is so fun. I wish they weren´t opening the restaurant again... but She comes every Sunday night still. Rodrigo comes in right at the end. Pray for him. Pray for the whole family. They would be a great young family to have wholly devoted!

Grace said...

Thanks for tagging me. Sorry it took me so long to stop over to thank you. We have been on the road almost non stop. Maybe I'll get a chance post sometime while we're home for a couple of days:)