From the one that knows me best

Last week I asked my wonderful, sweet, handsome (ok I'll stop) husband to write a few things that would describe me. I know lots of you ladies don't know me personaly and wanted you to be able to a little more. I asked him not to put anything embarrassing :), he did a good job.

So here they go:

30 things that I love about my wife

1. No one is allowed to touch her feet or tickle her anywhere
2. She could never be a fair-weather friend
3. She likes to serve—if you really need something done she will find the time and way to do it
4. Very sincere
5. She loves to travel and see new places—her dream is to visit Vienna
6. She is a godly woman who enjoys spending time in the Bible and listening to good preaching
7. She is a great mom that will do anything for her children—always sacrificing
8. Very witty and quick thinker
9. A great cook, although she doesn´t really like cooking
10. Very humble, doesn´t take compliments well
11. A night owl—not a morning person
12. She is very protective—be ready to get an earful if you start talking bad about her family or friends
13. She is very sociable—likes to be out and to spend time with others
14. She can laugh at her mistakes; my favourite line of hers is ‘Go ahead, make fun of the foreigner’ (talking about herself)
15. A friend for life
16. Hates when people lie more than anything else
17. Her favourite candy bar is 3 Musketeers and favourite drink is Dr. Pepper
18. When she hears or is telling a funny story she laughs and laughs because she pictures the scene in her mind—she can´t breathe, can´t talk, and is usually crying.
19. She is a woman of great practical wisdom
20. She loves a good book
21. She doesn´t eat much for breakfast, but likes a good dinner
22. She has an eye and passion for decorating
23. She enjoys shopping—more for others than for herself
24. She loves a good movie—romance or comedy
25. She could eat a chorizo sandwich on Spanish bread every day of the year
26. Not an animal person
27. Definitely a city girl—not much for camping
28. Loves to take pictures, but doesn´t like to be in many of them
29. When she gets a good idea she wants to get started on it NOW
30. When she gives her heart, she gives her WHOLE heart

It is nice to hear the way others think of you, those that really know you, even if that love sometimes blind them hehehe.

Thanks for doing this for me baby. I love you so much! (sorry ladies, I just had to :))


Nina in Portugal said...

How sweet!

Chorizo? We have that here too. Wonder if it's the same?

I too am a night owl, not a morning person. If Dani is a morning person, she'll have to drink her coffee alone when we get together!!


I wish he had written 100 things about you....that was very interesting....wonder if my hubby would do this?

Dani Joy said...

Actually a great idea! He is Obviously the one that knows you the best! Such a good project. Actually was one of the Love Dares in the Love Dare book. I did it for my hubby and it was fun.

Hey, my dream place is Viena too! ;)
and I love 3 Musketeers!! Cool!

I will try to post more recipes,Pilar. This one took me awhile to get together. And now I am cleaning like a looney to get my house ready for company..jeje

Jill said...

That was very sweet. I think we have even more in common than I realized.

A Child of the King said...

Thanks for sharing. I am so glad I got brave enough to venture into your blog.

Dani Joy said...

Oh btw... I have turned into a night owl. too late. jeje
I am almost nocturnal! LOL

Jen said...

Very fun to read what you're husband thinks of you! It's nice to get to know you a little more! :)

Deanna said...

how precious!.... I love how he described your laughter! ~~It's fun to laugh like that!~~

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, what a sweet description from the one who loves you & knows you best! I enjoyed this!

Laura said...

Wow, Pilar!

Miss Charlene said...

Also, you look familiar somehow so I just had to ask you if you've ever been to Chico to a church called Pleasant Valley Baptist Church?

LisaShaw said...

That was so sweet to read. Mmm, I may ask my hubby to do one for me. He'd probably put high on the list, she loves fried chicken wings and chinese food!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was so nice!

I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better.


Miss Charlene said...

hmm, it's in North California. We support many missionaries in our church and recently had a Missions Conference. Maybe it was you, or your look-alike twin lol.