A walk through Granada

This last few days we have had beautiful weather, spring weather, my favorite season.
It is funny how much the weather can affect one's mood. Nice, warm,sunny days will put you in a better mood. Will make you want to do more and be more active.
On Tuesday I had things to do, but we decided to go out in the morning and walk through the city. I took some photos so you can see a little bit of this beautiful city and even a little bit of the people

Here I am. Not very photogenic I know, but I usually am not in the pictures I post,so I thought I would do this time.

In Spain we have lots of parks everywhere. Sometimes the ones with playgrounds, and others, just to walk, with gardens and benches. Almost in every single one of those parks you will find fountains

Those parks are always full of people. In the monings you see a lot of older people there. Usually men. They sit there talking to each other.

Streets in Spain are always full of people and cars. Here in Spain people walk most of the times, even if you are going to spend the whole morning going from one place to another.

There are still plenty of traffic. Probably one of the reasons why people walk so much. You can spend hours driving around the more busy areas and leave haven't been able to park. This is why here in Granada there are lots of pay parkings... still, you can find yourself not being able to park in those either.

Lots and lots of people in the streets. Madrid and here in Granada are the only two cities where I have seen so many people out at any time of the day, any day of the week. This was on tuesday at about 11 am.

Although Spain is a modern country, in the plazas you can see this little outside stores. This is a flower shop, there are 3 of these in the same plaza.

Once the good weather comes, the cafeterias will put up chairs and tables so people can get a drink and sit and enjoy the sun. Here in the south you get food snacks (called "tapas") for free with your drink. They try to give you a very good tapa because the best they are the more people they get to come. You can get full with the tapas that a couple of cokes will give you.

Another thing you see here in Granada is a lot of tourists, spanish or from any other country. Granada is one of the best tourist areas in Spain. You also see lots of young people because we have a huge university here. We get tons of americans just because of that.

This is one of the old muslim's shop streets (notice the arquitecture on the top of the photo). Granada was the capital of the muslims when they were here in south Spain in the 1300. You can find lots of stuff in this little shop. Lots of muslim souveniers, but also spanish ones. And not, it is not the photo, this street is that narrow.

This shops are very small inside but they can stuff lots of things inside. This shop had mostly muslim souveniers.

A different shop.
This is a "hostal" (a cheaper hotel) downtown Granada. I thought it look cool. All the things in the wall are not painted. Those are plates of differend kinds (suns mostly)

And the most beautiful thing in the city at that time, my little one, with her very fashionable purchase.


Jen said...

My husband and I have always talked about how we want to go to Spain sometime. Your photos definitely added to that wanting!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Granada is so cool! I never saw the city, just the outskirts, but we loved it!

Pilar Stark said...

Well,Arancha, next time for sure you got to come.

Jen, if you come make sure you give us a call, you are more than welcome in this little corner of Spain.

Nina in Portugal said...

Wow...you are quite the photographer!!

Great Shots!

A beautiful city...

But an even prettier little girl!!

Dani Joy said...

Can´t wait till April! See you soon! ;) Thanks for the pre view!!

Beka said...

I've enjoyed taking a "tour" of Granada! Love your pics! :-)

Jill said...

Thanks for the tour through Granada. What a beautiful way of sharing your world with us!

Laura said...

I loved all the tour, Pilar! Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

heidi said...

Oh it's GORGEOUS there!! Thank you for the photo tour.

And you're very pretty, too, Pilar. Don't sell yourself so short!

A Child of the King said...

Hey there. Love your blog! Beautiful pics, the girls have grown so much between pics on the website and here. Where did your hair go? Added ya to my favorites, I will check back often. Thanks, Nicole