Monday Fun- Family day

Mondays are our family day. Matthew stays home and we get to do things as a family. We would read books together, rent a movie that the girls would enjoy and eat pop corn, play games, do crafts.... It is really up to the girls, they decide.

This monday was a little different, we were replaced by this little kitchen. :)

Good weather is here and we have a little patio in the back of the house that they girls have been using to play with chalk and be out. It is pretty small, there is not really room for a lot there, but last summer it turned into the girl's favorite place to be after the garage. See, we bought a small kids swimming pool and we put it there. Here it gets way over 100 degrees in summer so the swimming pool was great for them. They were really tan after a couple of weeks. So we told ourselves that we would buy them a little kitchen or a little play house for the outside until it was swimming pool time, so they could enjoy the outside. We also got us a couple chairs and table so we can also enjoy it.

When the girls came back from school they saw their little kitchen, they were so excited!. Afterwards we went to the park for a while. It wasn't our normal family day, but we were all together and they were having fun :).

A face says it all :). Nothing more beautiful that seeing my children smile.


Anonymous said...

Spain would be a nice place to live. I used to work at the Naval Base at ROTA on and off, whenever a MARG came in or out of the Med. I was stationed in Naples but went up their TAD. I've been to several places in Spain like Barcelona and Terragona (did I spell that right?). I envy you. My wife was a missionary kid and they lived in Niger and Nigeria, I can hardly think of a bigger dump than those two countries.

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

That´s the kitchen of my dreams when I was little, hehe they will enjoy it a lot! I want nice days here too! It´s been cold for a few days and I miss the nice weather!

Nina in Portugal said...

We also had a little kiddy pool last year. That's when we didn't have any neighborhood friends though, before my kids went to school. I'm thinking we might get another one for this year, but am afraid the neighborhood kids may come and want to play naked....they do that at the beach sometimes!! yikes!!

Dani Joy said...

What a cute Patio, fun kitchen and gorgeous smiles!

Ashley said...

looks like tons of fun! We miss you guys.

Cathryn said...

Pilar, You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the photos. Blessings ~ Cathryn