Making changes

We have been here in our new area since August 2008, but it is just now that I am realizing where I am. In the last two years we have moved to a different country, and then to two different places within that new country. With all that you head just turns upside down, you are not sure where you are and for how long.

Now before you call us unstable I should explain, in case you are new here, the reason why we have moved so much. My family and I are missionaries in Spain, when we first got here (a week to our 2nd anniversary as missionaries in Spain) we went to the city of Gijon. We have gotten in contact with some missionaries there and after praying about it, we decided to go there and help them out for a little bit and then care for their church while they went on furlough. It would give my husband a time to strengthen his Spanish and for us to know for sure where God would have us to start the church. While the missionaries where gone, God assure to my husband where the new area was going to be, so we left as soon as they returned. Anyhow, now we can get back to the original thought.

So now that I have finally realized that we are here for the long run, I looked around and realized that this house needs some touches. After all, we have two years before we even get the chance to go on furlough (if we get that chance) and I am one of those people that like personal touches in our home even if it is a rent. We thought in buying but now we have decided that this won’t happened at least until we come back from furlough so, my head has been turning and there are some projects that I would like to tackle. One was the changing of our photos around the living room.

An easy fix that will add a lot. I bought this frame that holds 24 photos and I plan to fill it up with our favorite photos from last year as well as of our dear family.
There is also a painting that I bought two years ago in a plaza in Spain where local artist display their paintings for people to buy. I am a big fan of the color red, as you will find out if you even walk through my house, so when I saw this photo I feel in love with it and my wonderful man bought it for me. This painting really needs to be framed and display in a very visible place in the house.
I also have a “photo craft” that my mom made just months before she died and that she gave me. Need to be frame and put up. This one I haven’t done because somehow it hurts. Just now, close to the 5th year anniv of her death I can even think about it.

I also got some paint (bubble gum pink) that I am so much loving and am intended to paint the girls room this color. Also got this wall stickers that I think will give it a funky and fun look to the room.

So far, this is all is happening here. When I am done with this I will see what else I can think of. I need to watch some of the shows I watched in the States (HGTV decorating shows) to get some inspiration. “Slingbox” makes that possible for me. :)


Ashley said...

Sounds like fun!!! Someday when we get in a place "of our own" I will have to get you to help me out with decorating ideas:)

Pilar Stark said...

Would love to girl.Before you know it you will have a nice place and a nursery to decorate.It will be fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your daughter's room! I love wall stickers.


Laura said...

Thanks for letting us see a bit more of your world. I always like that! Be sure to show us the "after" pictures.

Deanna said...

oooh..how fun...paint, re-decorating..I get all excited just thinking about it! jeje Can't wait to see how the girl's room turns out!

Dani Joy said...

Oh my this is the second time that a comment has not been published on your blog. :(
Well, I think I had written that if we ever get our own house I want you to decorate it too! ;)
I get nervous thinking about it.
love ya girl!