A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Isn't it beautiful?

It is a hand painted ceramic plate made in Spain that I bought the other day in Granada. These kinds of things are typical here in the south. These plates are not for eating at; it actually has something in the back so they can be hanged. If I knew it would make it to its destination save, I would do a giveaway so one of you ladies that read this blog (all 3 of you :)) could have one.

I am thinking I would like to do a giveaway one day so you guys can have something typical from this beautiful country anyways, just with a least breakable thing. Anyone would like that? How do this giveaways usually work? Anyone knows.

Anyhow, I am looking for the perfect place for this plate (probably my little patio) and I think this is the beginning of a collection. Can you believe Matthew loves those just as much as I do?

Do you see this face…. I know, you can’t stop looking at the apple can’t you?

Back to the face, this is my husband. He is also the one that prepared this for me just because.
Apple with caramel, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and let me tell you it was sooooooo good. He is just that sweet. He also is one of the reasons why I can’t lose weight…. Well, maybe I am the only reason, but if he makes this for me, what am I supposed to do? They were so good.
When we were on deputation we would stop in the outlets sometimes. There they had this “Chocolat Factory” store where we would get the covered chocolate strawberries, and also those apples. I have been missing it… he is such a blessing.

I hope you ladies have a great weekend. By the way, if anyone has a question that would like me to answer here, about us, me, Spain, anything; or if there is anything in particular that you really want me to write about or see in here let me know. :)


Dani Joy said...

Oh man! Now guess what I will be craving! Not good, Matthew! But sweet!
Beautiful plate! Great idea for a colletion!
OOO want those Strawberries!

heidi said...

What a beautiful plate!!! And how sweet of you husband to make such a yummy treat for you!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting this week - it's nice to meet you!

Ingi said...

The plate is beautiful! My mom collects plates. She has one from every country that I have visited plus the ones that she has picked up here and there. The apple looks really yummy! Glad you enjoyed it!

Jill said...

The plate is gorgeous. Matt and Steph brought one back for me from their trip there.
The apples and strawberries look fantastic too. Enjoy!

LisaShaw said...

That's a beautiful plate!

You have a handsome and obviously loving husband. Love and appreciation each other fully as I'm sure you do.

I would run like crazy from those delicious treats. I can feel my thighs increasing as I'm writing.

Let me go get a plain apple :(

Julia said...

Ohhh, yum! What a sweet guy you have! The plate is pretty too :)

Jen said...

Those do look delicious!

Laura said...

Ditto to what everyone else said!

Rachel Smith said...

Okay, now! I know that I am suppose to comment on the plate, but that apple looks toooo good! Is it a baked apple? You must post the recipe!

A giveaway from your country is a great idea.

It looks like more than three people read your blog!!!

Julia said...

Well, that snow melted by the afternoon, but that doesn't mean it's warm here. We probably have another month before it's warm enough to wear jackets.

Arlene said...

Oh, what a beautiful plate! And what a sweet husband to make that for you... we used to have a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory nearby, too, and I LOVE their goodies :o)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the encouraging comment. The comments and prayers are always a blessing to me. Tomorrow is exactly halfway of our 120 days, so I'm hoping this last half will fly by even faster than this first half!

Nina in Portugal said...

Somehow I missed this post....

Yes, I love that plate! It's beautiful and matches the color of my favorite dishes that I use!

I did a give-a-way a few months ago. Here is the link:

Tori said...

That plate is lovely.

Talk about a wonderful husband. That apple looks like one of those really expensive gourmet apples! I bet it was yummy!

Questions??? I'll get back to you with one!

the Gentry family said...

That is so sweet of Matthew! Of course, he has always been sweet like that!