Update on the weekend

Hey there,
We are back from our weekend trip to Madrid (well we have been back since Saturday night). I have been busy though so I have not been able to get in here much to update you. I am going to talk about different things in this post, so if you are not interested in a particular part, just keep scrolling down ;).
We had a good time in Madrid with our family and friends. It was very quick though, but sometimes this way is better (not enough time to get in trouble ;) hehe). We arrived Thursday evening and got to spend some time with my sister Belen, her family and my dad. On Friday it was the wedding, most of everyone else was there, so we got to see most of my family. The day before it was kind of an ugly day, but it turned out beautiful, it was actually hot!!! Of course it was perfect because it was an outside wedding :) … I know, in October???!! It was risky, but it definitely worked. It was very pretty. The bride looked beautiful, the place was beautiful and the food was GOOD!!! It looked a lot like an American wedding, well the american weddings I am use to, nothing at all like the typical Spanish one. I guess because it wasn't in a big serious catholic church... ??? could be....
I am adding some photos for those of you that know my family and the bride and groom -- the groom is my nephew Francisco. (yeah Arancha, I know you were waiting for it. I will send you some more by email okay? :)

On Saturday we were able to spend some time with the Andrews. Deanna and I have been friends for a long time, and Jeff and Matthew get along great. They have a boy Kayla’s age, so it is always fun to be with them. Deanna gave me their new cd, what a blessing!!
Deanna is the daughter of my first pastor. They came as missionaries to Spain when Deanna was only 3…. I think. They were here up to the time when it was time for her to go to college--(Deanna, feel free to correct me :). Although I did not get saved thru them, Pastor Julio and Ms. Andrea helped me grow on those first years of salvation. What a blessing they were to me!! They were always very patient and very loving to me. Although Deanna probably doesn't know that, I liked her a lot from the very beginning. We were like night and day back then (I was the night
:(), but she was a great Christian girl and I appreciated a lot her friendship even back then (… am I all sentimental or what :)). Well, all that to say Praise the Lord for those that help us in our Christian lives.
Talking about the cd though; Deanna and her brother and sister (David and Deborah) made a Spanish cd recently for those that speak Spanish. It will be a blessing for you I am sure. For those that don’t, but are always looking for great Christian music, they also have an English one. I have them both and pretty much I either have one or the other one playing in my car. Anyway, if you want more info or listen to samples, go to http://www.alltheglory.org/.

Our way back to Granada wasn’t so much fun though. We didn’t get home until 12 am and not without having to stop 3 times because little Noelia was throwing up. She usually gets sick when we are traveling and she has thrown up a few times before, so I figure it was just that. But on Sunday she did it again and she has had diarrhea ever since. Nicole also throw up this afternoon so…. It looks like we have a virus at the house. We will wait and see how much fun it gets.

Well, I think this post is long enough so I will leave you with some photos of our family from this weekend.

Kayla and Nicole were the flower girls
My dad and the girls


the Gentry family said...

great pics, Pilar! and congrats to your nephew! I am sorry to hear about the girls! I hope they are feeling much better soon!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I wish I could have been there! I wanna see more pics!!!!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Your girls look so pretty!

I hope everyone is well in your house soon! It is difficult when the little ones are sick. They don't fully understand what it going on. It is hard on them and mommy!

We have been dealing with chicken pox here this week. Justus, our littlest one, got them from his vaccination.

Deanna said...

ok, you almost made me cry! jeje It was so good to see you guys again! BTW...LOVE your coat!!

the Gentry family said...

after seeing you in all of those great pictures in purple, I went and bought a purple & gray striped sweater! I hardly ever wear that color, but it looked great on you, so I thought I'd try it too! :)