The greatest news a mommy can give

I have the greatest news that a mom can share… no, I am not pregnant..... :)
Yesterday I got to lead my middle daughter, Nicole, to the Lord. Isn’t it the greatest news?Matthew lead Kayla to the Lord, so it was a special blessing to be able to lead Nicole.

A couple of weeks ago, Matthew’s grandmother passed away. I guess she had been thinking about it for the last few days, and last Thursday, during the singing at church she asked me “Mommy, when people get very old, do they die?”. I said yes, and she told me “but mommy I don’t ever want to die”. I decided to let it go since we were in the middle of the service, but after it I told Matthew we needed to talk to her because I thought she was ready to understand. We didn’t talk to her but yesterday, while we were on our way to the park she said “Daddy, mommy told me that when someone gets really old they die, but I don’t want to die”. I talk to her and told her that everyone is going to die but the important part is to know where you are going. I explain to her about heaven and hell, and told her that sinners go to hell. I asked her if she was a sinner and she said yes.. Suddenly she started to cry. I asked Matthew to keep on with Noelia and Kayla and I sat down with her. After explaining to her about Jesus dying in the cross for our sins she told me she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to come to her heart and save her. Right away she got this huge smile on her face and we went on to the park. We will keep asking her and making sure she understand and now…. Here is the trick…. How are we getting her baptized?.... :)
We know that we are here in Spain to tell people about Christ's finish work on the cross; but if I were to lead hundreds to the Lord here in Spain and see my daughters going to hell, I would feel like a failure, I would be a failure. They are my most important mission field. Since they are born Matthew and I pray for their salvation, as well as their future. We pray that they may grow up to love Him and to fear Him. That they may grow up to be great testimonies for this world, and maybe used by Him as missionaries. That He would give them godly husbands.
It is never to early to start praying for our children. It is never too early to teach our children to love God. It is never too early to teach them His commands.


The Clanton Family said...

pilar thats great news can't wait till we do that with zeke... give nicole a big hug and a kiss!!

Laura said...

Praise the Lord! That is such exciting news, Pilar! We are definitely rejoicing with you!!

Deanna said...

Awesome, awesome!!! This is the most wonderful news ever. Aaron was happy when I told him, because he has been praying for his friends that aren't saved and Nicole was definitely on that list! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!

Pilar Stark said...

yeah we were talking about maybe staying sunday morning in the Lovedays church (asking them first of course :)) so she could get baptized... but now we will have to find another way :) What are you guys doing about Aaron?

Kristi Gentry said...

How exciting, Pilar!

Karyn Stark said...

O my goodness! I can't believe I just found out about this. That is awesome news!! Tell Nicole I'm so happy for her!