Destroying or building our homes?

Pro 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands

I don't think us, as mothers and wives, understand the power we have over the mood of our home. I think if they were to ask us if we thought so, we would say yes, but in an every day basis, I don't believe we think about it. At least I know I don't.
We have the power of destroying or building our homes, all depends on our actions. There is a saying that says "If mama ain't happy, no one is". I actually feel we should be ashame of that.
The Lord gave me that verse the other day and it has been heavy on my heart ever since. As I try to be a better wife, a helpmeet to my husband and an example to my girls, I can't help to think: Am I a wise woman that is buidling her home? Or on the contrary, am I a foolish one destroying it?
Everything I do sets the mood of my home. When I allow "my hormones" (really nothing but my sin) control my character, allowing myself to be up and down as a rollercoaster; I am setting the mood of my home. When I allow anger to control my reactions when my children are acting up or my husband has had a bad day and is not "as sweet as I would like", I am setting the mood of my home.
In the same token, when I am close to God, spending time with Him and allowing Him to work through me in everything I do; I am setting up the mood of my home. When I ask for His wisdom in every decission I make, even if it is a small one; I am setting up the mood of my home.
I don't know about you, but I see a difference in people around me, in my husband and children, when my reactions are the proper ones. Of course God blesses that.
So, I don't want to destroy my house, I want to build it.

Hope in any way that verse was a blessing to you too. I felt like I needed to share it so.... God knows why.
You may not see in that verse what I saw, but God works in different people in different ways. If the Lord has talked to you with that verse in any way, I would love to hear about it.


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

This was very encouraging to me. Sometimes I can start feeling like I have "bigger" areas of ministry than my home...but that is a lie. The truth is that a "wise woman builds her house." Thank you for these words today, to keep me in line! God bless you!

Ashley said...

I think, you got it just right. Often times we (as women)dont live on a daily basis conscious of the responsibility God has given us. Although all creation was created for the glory of God, wives are to be helpmeets to their husbands. Because we tend to be more emotional we react to things around us, more than we try to help our husbands (and set an example for our children-almost I'm not quite living that part 100%yet:) This verse is one of those that we ususally read and know what it means, but generally do not apply to our lives on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing, it was a blessing; and a very helpful reminder.

Ingi said...

Thanks for the reminder. It is easy to forget that and to react to the things going on around us. Ditto Ashley!