Pictures of the church

Well, may I introduce you Bible Baptist Church in Granada, Spain. We are excited to be able to start services there. Now, remember that the official service is Dec 7th, so please pray for that day, because although we are obviously going to tell people that we are already meeting and that they are welcome to come (no brainer :)), we are putting all of our effords on that special day to be our "first day". Please remember to pray for that day. Our good friends Jeff and Deanna Andrews are coming the end of this month to help us pass out the 10,000 invitations that we ordered.
So, this is the entrance, picture taken from the front door. For those not familiar with missions, or missions in Europe, I should warn you that they churches here look nothing like the churches in Spain. The church's building is usually a store front, there is an apartment buiding on top of us. This buiding used to be a computer academy. We are really excited about this one because, although the auditorium we are going to be using right now seats maybe close to 40 people, there is a room (now nursery and S.S, room) that separates the auditorium by a false wall, so we could take it down and have room for another few. It is a great starter building and it didn't need much done. The bathrooms were dirty, fbut other than a morning of cleaning just for it, now they look great. There is also a room that right now is not being used at all (the one you see in the back of the picture) that Lord willing soon, will be turned into a kitchen.

Another photo of the entrance. The door you see on the photo takes you to the bathrooms.

A photo of the auditorium. Tomorrow we will be taken the piano there, and I also made some Bible verses to frame and use as wall decor, that I will be printing tomorrow and putting up. We ordered some wooden letters of Jn 14:6 that will go in pulpit the wall, and the pulpit should be finish this week.

Another view of the auditorium. That back door takes you to the entrance. In the first photo you could see the door on the right.

The nursery/SS room. Already being used and already a blessing :)

This is our ligthed sign.

As I mention, the building are store fronts. This is how ours look. The area next to ours is for sell. Once they do and build it will make ours look a lot better.

Men's bathroom

The other side of the ladies bathroom. It is pretty big so it will also be used for handicap if there is the need.

Please remember to pray for us :).... I sound like a prayer letter :)


Deborah said...

You must be so excited to be getting into your new building! It looks wonderful!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

It is beautiful! We will be praying for you.

The Contreras Family said...

We are excited for you all! We are sending up prayer support for tomorrow on your behalf. What a beautiful job you did decorating. I love it!! I especially like the nice touch of the wood paneling around the ceiling. What a blessing! Bendiciones!

Pilar Stark said...

Thank you all for your prayers, we sure need them.
Danielle, the wood paneling around the ceiling in the entrance was already there, cannot take credit for that one. It is beautiful though it kind of gives you that muslim architecture look that Granada brings to mind because of the Alhambra.

The Contreras Family said...

Oh that´s great that the wood was already there. you did a great job matching it with all the decor. Also it is very inviting. Un Besin desede Asturias, Daniela

Deanna said...

How did your first Sunday in the building go? Everything looks really nice. Can't wait to see it for ourselves!

Laura said...

Very nice! We are looking forward to hearing good reports of how God is working there in the future!

Pilar Stark said...

Deanna, it went well. We just got the chairs the day before so we haven't had a chance to spread the word :).Well, you know all the invitations are going out for the 7th of dec. It felt a lot more like church than the living room of our house hehe :)Lucio was there. His faithfulness has been a blessing :). We will see you tomorrow :)