Exciting news!!

Our chairs are here!!!
We finally got the chairs for the church, so we are all going to the buiding to finish all the neccesary things to start services on Sunday. I will take some photos and post them here when I get back from the church. We still need to get some final things done, like we need to take the table for the Sunday school room, Matthew needs to finish the pulpit and then we are ordering some things from the States that will help us decorate the auditorium a little more, and that my in-laws will bring with them when they come in the end fo Nov. But we will have everything ready and done for the first "official" service on Dec.7.
As for now, other than missing the pulpit, we have what we need so this Sunday will be a first for the buiding. :)
Please pray for us. We are not here for anything else than for the people in Granada. We have many projects, but nothing with meaning will be done here in Granada if we don't have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We need God's hand guiding us.
Well, I will take some photos tonight and will add them here for you guys so see how is looking so far.
I see ya later okay?


The Clanton Family said...

how exciting!!!we will be praying for you guys and the services.

Laura said...

That is wonderful! I look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing how things go. I will continue praying for your family and the ministry there!