Today has been one of those slow days. Matthew and Alberto have been finishing the painting in the ceiling at the church (I can't wait to be able to start the services there), so I have been at home with the girls in the morning. At lunch time it started rainning, so my plans to go to the park were over... oh well.... So, after Noelia woke up from her nap, Matthew and I went upstairs to the girls room and did puzzles and play memory cards with them, read books.. It was one of those days that you may think I didn't get anything done, but I did, I spent some quality time with my family.. so it was a great day!!
During my devotions this morning, once again, God gave me what He has been given me the last week or so, and you know, when you get something more than once, God is serious :).
I am a very impulsive person. When I think of something I want to do it "NOW'. If I need to say something and I think "it is the right thing to say" I do it right away. But God is showing me that a wise women needs to watch her words. I need to quiet more often, I need to think before I say things and most importantly, I need to pray before I do or say anything. Being impulsive is not a good thing. I need to think, then pray, then wait on God, and then do.

Pro 16:32 He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.
I need to learn to rule my spirit. I need to learn to control my emotions.
That is a little bit of what God is teaching me, what about you. Would you like to share?


The Contreras Family said...

Hey Girl, I think the Lord has been teaching me exactly the same thing this past week. Or at least a simmilar lesson. :) Probably, something I will be working on my whole life. The Lord gave me Proverbs 10:19. And the prayer of my heart is John 3:30. He must increase, but I must decrease. It is a battle for me not to always say something that I have thought out and feel is important. jeje. Crazy, but God is teaching me that I don´t have to share my opinion. :) That it´s ok that He and I know. (and I take comfort that my husband knows me and my heart) This is a compulation of many times in prayer and reading this past week. :) That is why I am sharing cause it seems very similar to what you wrote. Maybe we are more alike than we thought. jeje.

Pilar Stark said...

Yeah we both have a big month! hehehe. No, just joking :). I do see what you are saying and you put it very well, it is hard not to say something when you feel it is important, but I don't need to always share what I think. That way I won't feel bad after saying something because I didn't think it through before hand... :) No more guilt trips... wow, that would be nice :)

The Contreras Family said...

Yeah, I understand that too about the guilt trips. Wow is right! :) Pray for me in this too. I will remember to pray for you as well. I think Sundays are hard for me in this area. I want to be a servant and help others but don´t know how sometimes especially when trying not to say the wrong thing. Do you find it hard to ask questions about people or find out about someone without talking about oneself. Maybe it´s just a bad habit that just has to be broken. Maybe if thinking about questions to ask others would help. what do you think?