What a weekend!!!

So you just read that my daugther got saved this weekend and now I have a new salvation to share with you.
You are aware that we are starting a church in Granada, but we haven't finish getting everything ready in the locale so we haven't been inviting anyone to the services yet. We have been meeting in our home for the last two months but just us and the Puentes. But God doesn't need any building to do His work, and we got a phone call from a gentelman that was wanting to come meet with us. We told him we were meeting at home but that he was more than welcome to join us.
So he did, he came this morning, and after talking with Alberto and Matthew for a while he got saved!!!!
He says he has some family that he would like to invite!!
We are expecting to be able to meet in the building this next Sunday. It is most than possible if Satan doesn't fight it as we have very little left to do. On thrusday we are leaving to Madrid though because my nephew is getting married, but we will back on Saturday evening. There is going to be lots of work going on monday, tuesday and wednesday... :)
It is such a blessing to be working for the Lord.


Ingi said...

How exciting! What aprivilege to lead your daughter to the Lord and then to have a visitor call you, come, and get saved! Wow! God is good!

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Wow!!!! I'm so happy to hear that!!!!! amen!!!

Deanna said...

Amen!!! That is wonderful! How had the guy heard about you guys? Is he from Granada?

Pilar Stark said...

He is from Bolivia, he lives now in Granada. He moved 3 weeks ago. He knew of us because of the pastor in the church in Valladolid. His niece goes to the church there and he went to visit and asked the pastor to find him a church in Granada. Bro Robertson had just sent something about us and he found out that way.