It is going to be a crazy week

Well, this week is presenting itself to be pretty busy. We are wanting to start services in the locale this coming Sunday, but there is still things to be done. They are minimal, so we should be able to but, of course, who knows? :)
We are painting the ceiling (It may make no sense to you but you would understand if you saw the photos), we have to order chairs, Matthew is suppossed to start/finish the pultpit, we need to set up nursery, go thru toys that I have saved for this very thing, take table there and rug to finish decorating the nursery, finish up in the bathrooms, set up the bookself for the entrance and find the books we want to have there, buy some plants to decorate...... A lot of things but there are all little and we have already purchase most of the stuff anyway.
The guys are right now in the church paining the ceiling. That is probably the only part that would take longer.
Of course we have to do all that in three days because one of my nephews is getting marry this friday and we have to be there on thursday night (Madrid- about 5 hours away) so we can get the girls ready for the wedding. They are the flower girls. They are so excited. That reminds me that I still need to find the dresses that are downstairs somewhere in a box and get the clean, and find something for me to wear..... yeah I am not very prepare for this wedding.... I have gone shopping, but I don't care much for all this new styles. Weddings in Spain are very dressy too which doesn't help...
So much to do, but still I am in pj's and it is 12 pm.... lazy, lazy morning.... I really gotta go.
I am excited about going to a new christian library in Madrid on Saturday morning, I love books!! We are also getting together with our friends the Andrews and I know that will be great too. :) We will be back on Saturday night.
The big challenge is going to be not to cut my hair. I am getting my highlights done on friday morning and I always fall in the temptation and get my hair cut too... I really want to leave it long.... Would I be able to just get the color and don't touch the scissors... we'll see.


Deborah said...

Hello! Sounds busy, but exciting to get the new place all ready!
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Laura said...

Well, did you cut your hair? I almost went yesterday and had mine whacked off.
Did you get everything accomplished at the church? I thought you weren't having services there until December.
How was the wedding? Did you take pictures for us to see? : )