Another finished book

So, I finished "He speaks to me" by Priscilla Shrirer.
I will leave you with a phrase from one of the last chapters. "True happiness comes from fulfilling the purpose that God has for us."
It is a good book if you are looking for recommendations on books. It is not a must read though, at least in my simple opinion. To me it was too general, although had great truths and made marks in several parts in pretty much every chapter, it wasn't a challenging book, not overall if I am making any sense. Of course, that changes with every person. It depends in what you are needing at that moment and also the heart in which you are taking it in. I have been studying lately a lot on the Holy Spirit and how to be fill of Him, so that may be why the things she was saying where not anything new to me... that may be why I was not so challenge by it. ????
Anyway, in my opinion, if you find it buy it, but don't get crazy looking for it ;).

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