My journey through Nehemiah

I just finished "Comfronting the problems of life" by Martha Tyler. It is a devotional book of a study of the book of Nehemiah. I have to say that I have never paid special attention to that book, so I was excited to do a study of it.
If there is a thing that stands out above everything else of this book is how Nehemiah prayed for 4 months for what it took him 2 months to do. He knew the work was hard and that the posibilities of the king allowing him to do the work he knew God wanted him to do, were very minimal. He knew that only God could do that work.

So he prayed, he had faith, and he put action into the job he was to do. He didn't just stayed still until everthing was taken care off. He put some action into his burden. He didn't just say "oh, I am so burden about the city of Israel, so I am going to pray". He did pray but he also did the job that needed to be done to build the city and bring God's people back to Him.
He knew he had a job to do and he knew that his calling came from God. So he did not stop when fear came or when people tried to get in the way. He jut let God take care of that, He knew His God was powerful.
He also was able to encourage the people of Israel to work on building the city again. He gave them each to do what he know they would be encouraged to do, which is what it was close to their homes. Some even did a little more.
So he prayed, he had faith, he worked hard and he was an encourager. Many lessons for me to learn in this book and now it is time to apply them.
I am now starting a study of the book of Esther. I will let you know how it goes. It is written by Elisabeth George. I have several books from her and I like what I have read so far, so I am also excited about it.

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