Enjoying the outside

Because getting Noelia to smile for a photo is a reason for celebration, there it goes!! (she always smiles, she is a pretty happy girl, but as soon as I say "Noelia smile for the camera" she freezes)

The girls love to get out and "play soccer" with dad. Noelia always spoils the game because, after all, she is only two and she doesn't get the rules just yet. Usually this is the first thing that happends. Kayla and Nicole let Noelia play for a while and this is what happends. She goes right to pick the ball up with her hands (I think she carries american football in the blood :))

And this is what happends after a while of her doing that. Kayla and Nicole stop passing the ball to her and she throws a fit..... She is so misunderstood :)

One of the many reasons why I am enjoying so much the move down south is because the girls get to enjoy a lot more time in the outdoors. In Gijon because of where we lived and because of the weather (very unstable), we didn't get to get out much just to take walks or play outside. Now, almost everyday we are out for walks, or to go to a park or to take the bicicles out which, of course, the girls love. Here are some photos of my little girls with their bikes.

Nicole needs a bogger bike, we got one way to small when we were in the States, I think in Christmas she will get a new one.
Noelia is so funny, because she can't reach the pedals, so she rides like the flinstones, she gets the speed though, don't you be fool. :)

Gotta love to be a mommy


The Gerard Family said...

Oh my goodness!! Your children are growing so fast....I can't believe how big Noelia is...how old is she now?

Pilar Stark said...

She turned 2 last july. They do grow too fast :)

Laura said...

I'm a big believer in fresh air, sunshine and outside play. Three of mine are outside right now. I'm happy that you are somewhere where your family can be outside more often. Will the children be going to the school behind you?

Pilar Stark said...

We will find out on monday. I turned in the papers and told me they were getting applications for all of the schools during the week and on friday they were getting together to asing the kids to the schools. Hope they are but we will see, it is in God's hands so He knows best if they should get in or if they shouldn't.