First day of school

So the day finally came and the girls had their first day of school. They were very excited as you can imagine and I was really nervous.... go figure...
They did really good, Matthew went with Kayla and was sure to find little girls around her to get them to talk so Kayla would feel better. He is the bestest daddy. They went in at 10 and we picked Kayla back up at 11:30. She sits with a girl name Paula and they seems to be playing together in recess. Paula has a sister in Nicole class name Lucia, but I am not sure if Nicole is playing with her. The parents are very nice too.
I went with Nicole and pretty much they had a meeting with the parents to kind of pass out info and stuff and then the kids came back with us. Nicole's teacher is very sweet, and it is her first year teaching in this school so she is not burn hehe :) She told me today she was trying to get the other girls to talk to Nicole, because Nicole, although when she gets to know everyone she is very open, she is not the type of person that would just get close to someone and ask if she could play with her so... thought that was sweet of her. Plus she letted me take a photo of her so... that is a plus hehe. I am the crazy mom with the camera.... :) hehe
So today was really their first day and they came back really happy, especilly Nicole that came back with a big old bad of candies from one of the kids' bday :)
There goes some photos.
This is a photo of the back of the school because it is hard to take a photo of the front... too many trees.
This is Nicole's classroom. The teacher said it was the first time she saw it so that she was going to decorate it more. Today it already looked like she had done a lot.Nicole's table is the one all the way to the right side. Right next to the patio door :) fun!!
This is Carmen, Nicole's teacher. She is a sub :( but she says that the actual teacher is down (they didn't say why) and that she thinks she will be there if not the whole year, at least most of it. I don't want to be mean but, I really like this teacher
This are most of Kayla's books. She is still missing two. One I found today but there is a math book that I can't find. I think when I was in 1st grade I only had like 4 subjects...
Okay, so this is actually from today, so the second day of school, but Kayla wanted (or me whatever) a photo of Kayla with her new backpack, as it seems like she won't be using much because they leave all their books in school so they don't have to carry them back and forth all day long.

Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying for God's protection on them.


Laura said...

Pilar, I enjoyed hearing about the girls' first day of school and their teachers, etc.. I liked seeing the pictures of the school, classrooms and books there plus, of course, the girls.
Isn't it interesting to see the differences in children's personalities?
I almost called this morning. It would have been 5:45 our time, so 12:45 your time? I didn't know if the girls would be at school. I am figuring out scrapbooks. I was talking to Kevin about a quandary. He listened; but, didn't know what to say. I said, "I should call Pilar". Two of our children are spending the night at their grandparents' tonight. I think I may get to some scrapbooking this afternoon or evening. Where to start?!

Pilar Stark said...

Hey Laura, anytime you want just call. During the day I don't have an specific time that I am home, I have been here a lot though since Matthew and Alberto have been working on the church and I have a hard time getting out with the three girls... wimpie, I know :).
I need to get back to scrapbooking, I have time now, I am just out of ideas ;) No, I need to go and get some photos printed, Matthew bought me a photo printer a while back, I need to find ink and problem resolve.
Post some photos of your pages when you get done.

The Contreras Family said...

Hola, Pilar, I asked about the girls and then while I was reading your blog realized you wrote this really great blog about their first day. I am so glad they are adjusting well. I sure do miss you and the girls. My life is full of football. jeje Good thing I like football, but I do miss the girl time. :)
Please tell the girls I have been praying for thier first days of school. Big hugs! Besitos Daniela