Piano classes

Last week Kayla started piano classes. She has been looking forward starting those.
When she is at church she always pretends she is playing the piano. :) It is so cute. Well so, I think she is going to do great. She has been reminding me every day that she needs to practice and is excited about the next class. Alberto is good with her and that also is great, it will keep her wanting class.
Nicole keeps asking when can she do piano too, but we are waiting until she starts reading. Alberto says it will be a lot easier for her that way.
Our desire is that all three girls would learn piano and then get to choose a second instrument. So far Kayla talks about flute and Nicole wants to learn the guitar. Maybe I can learn some piano helping them to practice.. hehehe.


The Cook Family said...

so cute! Definitely a good time for her to start. I haven't taken many photos of the house, but now that you bring it up, it would be perfect to add to the blog. I will start working on it. Hope you guys are doing well. We check your blog often. Praying for you all!

The Clanton Family said...

qu elinda la kayla..a zeke le encanta el piano y la guitarra son sus favoritos pronto pongo fotos.