Happy Fall!!

So, where did the summer go? I personally have no idea. One day we were waiting for the warm weather and the next day I hear on tv that tomorrow is the first day of fall…. Wow… I think I have short term memory lost… ???
It may have something to do with the fact that I have been moving from one side to the other side of the country over the summer. Maybe the fact that I have spent half of the summer worry about my lack of electricity, the girl’s school…. Worries, worries, like me worrying could change something… hehehehe
Anyway, now that the summer is almost over, and please don’t take me wrong, we have ENJOYED the summer; I am looking forward to see what the fall and winter is going to bring us. After all, the new church in Granada is going to be opening doors soon, my in laws are coming in the end of November from the States to spend a couple of weeks with us. Then Christmas is coming and, I think we all agree with this, it is one of the greatest times of the year. My sister Paqui and my brother in law and nephew Jonathan, will be coming from the States since, and this is a really big event coming up, Ashley will be having the baby!!! (sorry no name yet, so I can’t call him by his name- a little pressure there Ashley ;)). So, summer is gone, all the good weather, days in the park, swimming pool, nice open windows in the house, and all the goodies that comes with it. But let’s be real here, God made fall to be just as beautiful. And winter, here living 50 miles away from the mountains, and being able to see them, wow, it is going to be a beautiful sight.
It is easier to face fall too when you had a proper summer (Those familiar with summers in Asturias understand this part, to the rest, disregard.. hehe)

So to all of you HAPPY FALL!!

..... Hold on, I am going to be missing the fall festival at the church…. WHATTT!! ;)


Ashley said...

hala! no name yet....hmmmm... a week more of waiting will come for that comment, meaning once we decide we still wont tell, haha just kidding:) how did you miss summer? dont you remember sweating 18 gal. here in granada:)

Pilar Stark said...

hahahha, i never felt it was sooo hot :) I guess it was the happiness of finally feeling warm weather hehe

Kristi Gentry said...

Fall is my absolute favorite season, so I am very excited! Although, the summer DID fly by! Will time ever slow down?!