Please pray

I would like to ask you to pray for Matthew's family, especially his mom. Matthew's grandmother (mom's mom) passed away last night. She was sick but no one was expecting it to be so serious. There are many things that needs to be taken care of over the weekend, since the funeral will be in MI and she is in AL. Pray for strength for Matthew's mom, and for grace to go through this difficult time.


Laura said...

Mrs. Webb e-mailed me to let me know this morning. I called my mom to let them know. We will all be praying. How is Matthew?

Pilar Stark said...

He is as well as it can be expected. It is easier when you are in a different country because you don't have to deal with some of the things that comes after like funerals and such that makes things more difficult, but it is hard because he wants to be with his mom as he knows it is difficult for her and he can't be there to help. Praise the Lord everyone else is there, he would just like to be able to do something for his mom.