Update on the girls school

Well, it is official now, the girls have a new school.

I have asked some of you to pray about this, so I felt I should update on it. I have been praying about the situation on the girls school. We have "chosen" the school behind our house as the best choice, because is close to us, because whatever friends the girls make would be close so they can play after school and so it would be a great way for us to make contacts for the church, and why not friends.

Then we had a second choice, it is farder from us, about 10 min in car, maybe less, but in Granada, which means morning traffic. But we felt it was good because it is a bilingual school, it is close to the church building, so Matthew could take them in in the morning and pick them up when they were done, since he would be in the church or the church are visiting in the mornings anyway.

But, one more time, God showed us that His plan is not our plan. His choice is a school here in our town, but we didn't even know about it until the last second. It was unprobable that the girls wouldn't get in one of our two choices, but... when the Lord closes doors.... :)

Last year was the same, public school was so not an option. We looked at private schools (too expensive) and semi-private schools (could only find catholics ones, and that was also not an option for us). In the last second we heard about this public bilingual school and I was so not going to do it but I felt God wanted me to. So I did, really just because I thought it was impossible for them to get in. But they did :) because, now I know, it was God's will. The girls had excellent teachers, great friends, and we were able to make some friends out of the parents that would remain friends forever.. and hopefuly we were a testimony to them while we were there. I remember driving there and not liking the are.. I could not be so wrong.

The same thing happend today when I drove by it. Praise the Lord He is pacient with me and brought to mind all those things about the last school, and how I didn't like it and how I ended up loving it.

To some people this may be silly, for me is crucial because my girls are the most important part of my ministry and where they go to school is a great decission, especially if it is the wrong one.

I love my children so much but I know God loves them even more. I know that He will take care of them.

Another good side of this school is that they use uniforms (A good modest skirt btw), so something else I don't have to take care of.

God is good, all the time. Even when He doesn't "do" what we want. :)


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I'm so happy for you guys! I've been praying for that situation! When do they start school? and what kind of school is it?

Laura said...

I, too, have been praying. Thanks for the update. Maybe there is a parent from that school that God would have you to reach. I'm glad that you are able to be at rest that this is God's will for your family. Will they stay in the same school as long as you are in Granada?

Pilar Stark said...

Arancha, it is a public school and they start on monday.
Laura, as always, we take this a year at a time. But in the case that we are fine and they would stay going to school I would not change them. I don't want to make them change friends and places all of the time. Right now the plan is take our furlough in summer 2011. The girls will be in 3rd grade, Nicole in 2nd and Noelia in K-5. We want them to go to MBA and then when we come back they will not be going back to school but homeschooling. Homeschooling I have to say is not what I think I am capable of doing, but I also know I don't want them in school forever. When we get back Kayla would be starting 5th grade and I don't feel comfortable doing public school then. If I can find something but homeschooling I will do it, but I will have to know that it is God's will. I know that the responsability is for me to train them at home so they can handle preassure, and the uniform idea sounds good... but I don't know. Hahaha, Laura did I even answer your question? :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I just wondered if you would have to go through this process every year or if once they are in a school, they register them in the same school every year. 2012 is several years away. If God wants you to homeschool, He will enable you. There are pros and cons to each type of schooling (public, private and home).