Why Spain? -- Part 2

Note: This is the continuation of yesterday´s post, so if you haven´t read that one you may be a little lost.

So, was a thrill when Matthew told me we were going to Spain? I mean, what is not to love? Wouldn´t be going back to you mother country the best scenario? You already know the language, you already understand the culture, even if you move to the other side of the country from your family, at least you are in the same country. You can go buy groceries from day one without translator. You don´t look different and neither do your kids. Why would I not be thrill? Still, I wasn´t.

Because as much as I knew that coming to Spain would make things a lot easier for everyone (of course when Matthew said Spain was the country was after being lead by God and not but all those “positive” things), still I knew lots about Spain. I knew about the apathy of the people towards God. The lack of interest on spiritual things. The hard hearts. The “we don´t want your church here” attitude.

And I always remember seeing the missionary presentations about places like Africa, where 100 people would get saved in one day. Still, I didn´t tell that to Matthew.

On our survey trip, two years later, God gave me a compassion for the people. It wasn’t that I didn´t have it before, it was just that I was being selfish. I look at their eyes, I saw that emptiness and I thought that once before I have had that emptiness in my eyes. Once before I have had that apathy towards spiritual things. But there I was then, and all because of the mercy of God, and because of the surrendering of a missionary. If I wasn´t willing to sacrifice for my people, how could I expect someone to.

And my heart changed, and I am not going to say it is always easy. Sometimes you feel like quitting. Sometimes you feel like there is never going to be a change. But on those times is when God reminds me where I came from.

Following God´s will is not always easy. It may come with difficulties. We may not be able to fully understand it. But who is wiser than God. And who loves us more than God.

His will is perfect.

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Nicole said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care.

Dani Joy said...

God is so good to show us the way and keep us in it. Thanks for sharing your testimony on your call to Spain. God is going to use you in a great way!

HOpe you get to feeling better.

LisaShaw said...

Thanks for sharing with us precious. Following God's will is NOT always easy but it's always the best. (smile) He gives us the strength and wisdom we need to press on as we trust in Him.

My prayers are with your family as you continue to do the Lord's work and will.

Love you.

Nina in Portugal said...

What a blessing Pilar!!

You're an incredible missionary!!


Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen my friend! I loved the last part. No following God is not always easy and it can be very difficult. I have learned that one myself. But blessings come in obedience. Thank you for sharing more of your story with us. May God continue to bless you guys and your ministry!

Laura said...

I remember one missionary lady sharing how that there were times she reminded herself that she was there in that country because she loved the Lord. There may be times when she didn't feel the love for the people; but, she loved the Lord. I'm glad that you and Matthew both were and are willing to follow God's leading and be there in Spain. May He bless you and the work there!

Alicia said...

It's funny how we end up at the place where we don't really want to be. But, I always see it as God has us there for a reason. There is a purpose bigger than what we could even imagine!!

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us. I enjoy getting to know you better.

Your faith is inspiring.

Miss Charlene said...

Thanks for sharing, I can see how beautiful your heart is. We are all human and feel hopeless at times, but God specially chose you to reach your people, from your home country. He has an amazing plan for you, still more coming right ahead!!

mimi said...

Pilar-your passion is amazing! I'm glad to know you :)

momstheword said...

What an awesome post. Yes, noone is wiser than God. And noone has greater love than Him.

Fortunately, He willingly gives us wisdom and love!

It is hard when difficulties come, but they do grow us, better than the easy times!

Mich said...

what a beautiful testimony. God will bless you in many ways for your faithfulness and for answering His call.

Thanks for sharing.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That is such a great attitude...His will IS perfect!!

Mocha Momma said...

Oh Pilar, you are so cute! I hope you'll be better soon. Maybe you are nervous to travel. You'll be fine soon.

I love your two part story. It all happened in God's time didn't it?

Happy travels and keep us informed.
God bless you and your family.
Bye for now,

Denise said...

I am enjoying this, thank you.

christy rose said...

Amen Pilar! Who loves us more than God?!