And the blessings keep coming

Once again, I am praising for His Goodness towards us, seems like we are having alittle relief from everything in the world going wrong.

First, he sent an email to a friend of us that has a missionary help ministry out of our church. It is called Lighthouse Baptist Ministries. Go and check it out, I know they have many ways you could help.

Anyhow, my husband asked him if they would have a car we could use while we were there. He told us we contacted them at the perfect time because another missionary from our church is leaving to go back to the field the day before we arrive and we can use the van they were using. Also, he told us he has a phone we can use!!

Yesterday, my husband comes home from picking up the girls from school and tells me to go outside and see our car. Oh great, what else.... I thought. Someone had hit our car while park and left without leaving a note. They had done a pretty nice scratch to the side of my car.

Of course, lots of things have gone wrong these days over here so I think I would have been more surprise if the person had left a note. But, oh me of little faith, was about to see God´s hand. A guy was waiting for Matthew to go back to the car and told him that he had seen the whole thing and that he had written down the license plate of the person. He gave us his name and phone number in case we needed a witness for the insurance company.

I called them and gave them the info. They told me everything would be a lot easier if I could get her info. I happend to know who the lady was. She drives a black BMW so those everyone takes notice of. Good it wasn´t a regular car or I would have had no idea who the person was.

I was sure I was going to have problems. I mean, after all, if the lady was willing to do it the right way, wouldn´t she had left a note? Wouldn´t she had waited because she knew it had to be someone from school? (I know I am messing up with the verb conjugation here but for some reason it is the only way it sounds right.... could it be because I am spanish??? :)) Of couse I started praying.

I knew I had to go and deal with it, my husband is too godly to handle this if things got difficult :)hahhaha. There is something about the spanish attitude that works in those cases ;)

So I went today, waited for the lady and once I saw her I told her that she had hit my car the day before and that I had witness (or something like that, but I did had a great smile in my face I promise). I went on to explain the rest and she had a puzzle face..... um? Is she going to say that it wasn´t her -I thought-. "I don´t understand Spanish very well" she said......... she is from China..... well..... I don´t speak chinesse that is for sure.......

Somehow we were able to say enough for her to admit what had happen and to tell me to follow her to her car so we could take care of everything. A friend of hers was going to translate. Been there done that a few times.

Finally we got it taken care of. She assumes responsability and now I am waiting for the insurance company to take care of everything..... uffff, what a relief.

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

WOW!!! what a story! God is so awesome.

Miss Charlene said...

Oh I'm so glad that person wrote down the license plate! Big whew! Maybe the lady panicked and ran, but I bet she learned her lesson! God's looking out for you guys!!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh, I'm so glad she was willing to take responsibility. That makes life so much easier!

That's exciting about the car! You guys are going to have a great trip. God is so good that He cares about all of the little details. He is amazing!

Take care my friend!

Denise said...

May His blessings keep flowing into your life sweetie.

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Nice! I cant wait to see you guys! you up for a family photo shoot?

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

Nice! I cant wait to see you guys! you up for a family photo shoot?

Alicia said...

Wow! Good for you for approaching that lady about your car!! I'm so non confrontational that I know I probably could not do that. My husband is the opposite, so he would have no problem..LOL!

I'm glad it worked out, and, yay on the van & phone blessing!!

momstheword said...

Yay! It's just so neat when you see the hand of God at work!!!!

He is surely leading you, isn't He?

As for my post, yes, when the hard times comes it seems like we are so busy "in" them that we forget to step away from them and let Him "in!"

Nicole said...

I am so excited about all the ways God is working and taking care of you and your family. I am familiar with Lighthouse Ministries, a couple came to both Bethels (FL & TN) and talked about their ministry. I know that the fine details being worked out before getting to the states helps a lot. I am also glad the car situation worked out. Take care.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I have an award for you at my blog, if you want it. Stop by and copy it, when you get back to normal life. Hope you enjoy your trip.

mimi said...

Wow, what a story!! I'm glad it will all get worked out :)

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

What a blessing to hear of God's provisions:)
So sad about your car, but glad that the lady admitted.

christy rose said...

God does take care of us, doesn't He?