Monday..... and sick

Hello my wonderful dear friends,

I have been trying to get in here all day but haven´t been able to. I got some stomach virus or something like that and I have been suffering with it the last couple of days. I hope it gets better soon, but until that happends here I am, or at least half of me :)

Thanks for entering the giveaway. Soon I will drive downtown to get the other half of the giveaway. I wanted to mention that you have until the friday 26th to enter (including that day), because that will be my actual blogversary.

Lots of you wanted to hear more about Spain. I found a nice 3 min video of images from Spain and I thought I would put it here so you guys can watch it and see how beautiful this country is. Enjoy it, and I will make my way here and post and visit you at your blogs even if I have to drag myself here :)

If you haven ´t enter the giveaway yet go here and comment. Ask me a question about something you want to know about me or something you want me to write about.

Love ya´ll


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I hope you feel better! take care!!!!

mimi said...

I hope you feel better....tummy bugs are no fun. Drink lots of liquids!

Olga said...

Que te mejores, Pilar!

Olga said...

Que te mejores, Pilar! Ánimo!

Dani Joy said...

Cool Idea to put a video of Spain! It´s one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. And of course I am partial to my Asturias! ;) wink

Well, girl, hope you get feeling better. Thanks for dragging yourself to my place today. ;)

un besin lejano :)

Denise said...

So sorry you are not feeling well, praying for you. Thanks for sharing this video, really enjoyed it.

Stuff could always be worse said...

I find that video wonderful, it is miraculous what God has made all around the world,

Julia said...

Wow, Spain is so beautiful and diverse. Showing that video was a really good idea. I hope you get to feeling better soon! You're in my prayers.

Miss Charlene said...

Aww, thanks for the video! I had no idea Spain was that gorgeous!! I hope you feel better soon! Get some rest too!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm sorry about your tummy problems....hope you're feeling much better today!

christy rose said...


Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing that video. It is really beautiful in Spain.