A giveaway in the making and a little from Spain

Have I ever told you ladies you are a great blessing to me? Your comments are always so encouraging. I love you gals and I have never met most of you!!

I just realized that my blogversary is coming soon. I can´t believe it has been almost a year. I checked back to my first post and it was done right after we have finished moving here to Granada, so I have a doble Anniversary :).

Time sure flies.

So, since I have more visits coming on thrusday and I am going to be going downtown to all the souveniers shops I am going to be picking up something to give as a blogversary giveaway. I am going to be looking for something very Spanish..... I have a couple of things in my mind. :) So next week I am going to be announcing a new giveaway... so, stay around.

On another note, while going all over Granada walking with the last group we had with us, I saw a couple of things that got my attention. Here, as in many other countries, they use buses or taxis to advertise. This ones though were a little different (in a possitive way) and got my attention because really, those annouce something that are pretty much against popular believe here in Spain.

"The right to kill doesn´t exist. What it exist is the right to live." This is a against abortion campaing that unfortunaly I know very little about (but it is about to change because I am so getting in the web page and see if there is anything I can do to help). Here in Spain young people are living very sinful lives. They think they can do whatever they want and then just turn around and eliminate the consequences of their actions. They don´t obey any authority but their own. It is so hard for me to talk about this and make sense because I feel so strongly against abortion.

They just passed a law in Spain that allows 16 year old minors to go to abortion clinics and get an abortion without parental permission.

They just passed a law in Spain where a pharmacy can sell the "day after" pill without needing medical permission.

How easy is it for teenagers here to be sexually active withouth having to deal with the results of their actions? Very easy.

It is not a wonder why the hearts of the Spaniards are so hard to the Gospel.

Another taxi sticker I found was "God exists and you must know Him". I think many have heard about an iniciative that started in London I believe where atheist groups where putting out signs in buses saying “God doesn´t exist so enjoy life” (or some senseless thing like that). So some evangelical groups (at least that is what I heard in tv) are “attacking” back with signs that say “God exist and you must know Him”.

When I saw the sign I thought that for sure the taxi driver must been a christian. One of the guys from the group went and talk to him, to ask him if he was a Christian. He wasn´t, he was being paid to put the sign in his taxi. We left a tract with him and left. He wasn´t interested he said.

Would you pray for Spain today if you have a chance? God is the only one that can break cold, hard hearts


Alicia said...

Hi Pilar! I know...it's so sad how little by little, the world is trying to take God out of the country. But, the bible says, He will not be mocked!

I'll be praying for your country, as well as mine!!

Jen said...


Nina in Portugal said...

How interesting.

The bus...and taxi....

They advertise here, but it's never things like that....the communist party advertises everywhere.

We even had a billboard recently that said, "Don't drink the water in Barcelos because it costs as much as gas for your car!"

They were protesting the increase in cost for water.

Looking forward to a give-a-way with Spanish flavor! When I think of Spain I think of bold colors....

Denise said...

I will pray for Spain sweetie, bless your thoughtful heart.

Dani Joy said...

With Tears in my eyes and my heart constricted, I pray for Spain. A country who seems to be running away from God at all costs.

It is refreshing to see these "annuncios". Praise the Lord, there are people making a difference. Praying we can make a difference in our little neck of the woods.

Have a great time with your visitors. We will see you soon!

Dani 4 Spain!!!

Laura said...

We are so bombarded everyday with the anti-God campaign even here! We live in a part of America called the "Bible Belt". There is a church on every corner and still sin is abundant even in our churches!

Praying for you and your country!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

What neat signs! We have to keep praying my friend for our dying world. Thank you for that great reminder!

Can't wait to see your blogaversary! I have enjoyed getting to know you my friend!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree, we live in "The Bible Belt" in Georgia, US, it does not seem as it was. We do not have those good sign around on Taxi's or much.
Sounds like your Spanish gift will be great.
Will pray for Spain

momstheword said...

People try to do the same thing here. It's very sad.

I will pray for your country as I pray for mine!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the hearts of the people are so hard. That really makes me sad. I will definitely keep you and your family and ministry in my prayers.

It's interesting that the taxi driver wasn't a believer. People will do anything for money.


Five Moms & A Blog said...

I don't know, but I had fun while doing it, lol!

~ Nan

Muthering Heights said...

Oh my...but I'm glad that someone wants to take action!

christy rose said...

The only cure for the hardened hearts of people is the uncondional love of a God who forgives them for all of their sin, accepts them as they are, and desires to make their lives abundantly blessed. The power of the Gospel can save the worst sinner. The Truth revealed in us will set them free in Spain and here in America.
Lord, help us to reveal You to this hard hearted world. Amen

This was great Pilar,