Have you see those commercials where you can see a photo of the before and alter? You know, like one that shows anti wrinkles lotions. They show a face and it is kind of cut in half, one shows the part of the face before using the lotion and the other one the one after using the lotion.

Well, this weekend I could have done one of those commercials, only one for lips botox or something like that. Maybe one of those lipsticks that makes your lips appear bigger and fuller. I could have shown the left half of before using the lipstick and the right side of a lipstick that really works on making your lips look fuller. Not one of those that cost a lot but don´t really work, I am talking about one that makes your lips look like Angelina Jolie.

The only thing, I didn´t use any lipstick. I got no one, or two, but THREE cold sores in the right side of my lip, upper and down lip…… ouch….. of course I didn´t go as far as taking a photo, but let me tell you…… ouch!!! So half of my lip was normal size and the other half….. pretty big….. yeah….. I know….. sexy….. NOT!!!!!

On another no so nasty note :) I will show you a couple of photos from last week. I will be adding them here and there in the post so you can see them.

Two of my girls with my sister Paqui. They love their tia Paqui and their tia Paqui loves them!

This handsome guys is my nephew Sergio. Well, to be all honest, he is my nephew´s son :). He is such a handsome, content little boy!!!. He almost makes me try once again for the little boy.... I said almost!! :)

Nicole, Kayla and little Sergio. All three of my girls were all over him the whole time :)

The whole group, minus the ones taking the photos and Ashley that was staying in the car with little Sergio that was sleeping. We took them to a lookout where they could see mos of Granada and cities aroung it.

Kayla and Nicole with Arianna and Anna. My girls are starting to really miss everyone in the States, I think the time is starting to sink in... after all, it has been a little over 2 years! Now they ask when we are going to go for a visit. Something we are all praying about, we are all needing it.

On a little follow up note, my washer machine is finally fixed. I call someone and they promised to come the very next day first thing in the morning, between 9 and 9:30 (yeah, that is first thing in the "working" morning here in Spain- don´t you love it?). He didn´t come until 5:30 pm but.... he did come and I love him for it! :). So guess what I have been doing all weekend long?. Of course, thinking about all the clothes that need to be iron now makes me tired.
I´ll see you all over at your blogs.


Alicia said...

Pilar...those are GREAT pictures! I clicked on the group one to make it larger. Love the background on that one! Plus, your girls are sooo cute..as well as your nephew! I can imagine that they were fighting over him! :)

Nina in Portugal said...

Sergio is a cutie, isn't he?!

Almost makes me want another little boy...almost!!

Well....I hope you have a great week.

Do your girls get tired of sight seeing the same places, over and over again?!

Mine are like...."Mom...I'm soooo tired of castles!!" "All this old stuff stinks!"

Denise said...

Sweet, sweet family.

Jen said...

Glad you got your washer fixed! Hope your lip is better soon! I've been fighting a sore throat all weekend! It's driving me nuts!

Dani Joy said...

sooo sorry about your sores. Hope that they are healing.

thanks for all the pictures! How great to have company! I think a furlough every 2-3 years is better than every four. We are praying to start going back sooner and for shorter time, too. Pray you can go back and visit soon.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Ouch! Those cold sores sound painful! Hope they are better! Glad you got your washer fixed! And I love the pictures! Sergio is precious!

Nicole said...

I am so glad you are back. I am also very happy for you about your washing machine getting fixed. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your visitors. Getting home sick is tough especially if you are not sure when you will get to go home. R and I are wanting to try and go home for Grandpa's Birthday.

mimi said...

Lovely photos! I swear garlic is a cure-all. Try it on your cold sores :)

Deborah said...

Great pictures!
I just got over cold sores too. I usually get them on the bottom lip, but this time it was on the top, and that seems worse! Maybe I'll try the garlic suggested above!

Life with Kaishon said...

Aren't aunts the best? Your lips sound painful. I hate cold sores to the max. I do love looking like Angelina Jolie though...oh wait, I have NEVER once looked like her. Oh well!

Miss Charlene said...

Oh no!! OW! That is so cute though.. Angelina Jolie lips lol! Aww, beautiful pictures! Your girls are gorgeous, and so is your nephew!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Love your family photos, be glad you have girls, my son 19 is a lot harder to raise than my daughter. Would have never thought that at an earlier age.

momstheword said...

Ow!!! I assume you mean cold sores as in a fever blister which is on the outside of your mouth?

If that's what you mean I use Abreva for that and it works wonderfully. It gets rid of them in only a few days, and they don't scab over into a big ugly blister. They stay small.

If you mean a canker sore inside your mouth, not much to be done about that. Just take tylenol and maybe gargle with salt water.

Glad you have your machine working again. Yeah!

Muthering Heights said...

Great photos!! :)

I also get awful cold sores, all year round! I have found that Carmex and Camphophenique work very well for me...I'm not sure if they sell those products where you live though...

Pilar said...

Thanks ladies for all the tips. My lips are starting to go back to normal size and they don´t hurt as much. Of course I did get a fourth one before a couple of them getting better :)

I guess Nan, they are fever blisters