Back for good

Hey my friends,

It has been a while.... well, since last friday.... but it was a while before then and I feel like I haven´t blog in a couple of weeks.

Our house in empty now, and our visitors are back at the States. We have had a fun and fruitful time, but I think everyone was ready to get back to normal. After all, one can only handle being out and walking all day long for only so long. I will share some photos and happening about it next week.

(the group that came from our home church back in the States)

Now I have to get the house ready for our other visitors next week and get lots of laundry done because I didn´t have time to get anything of the housework done while everyone was here. Of course, as soon as I got back home from visiting my family in Madrid for three days and seing the pile of clothes that needed to be wash, I remember my washer machine broke last saturday, right before our trip.

Lately, everything breaks in our home. Both our computers, our washer, our hot water..... Huge unexplain bills come that we can´t get off paying. Lots of stress that ends up affecting everyone in my household. It is making me wonder what in the world is going on...... but that is a completly different post I am not sure I will even write. But it is making me examine me better to make sure there is nothing between me and my Savior, of course, once you realize the problem is not that (not that I think I am perfect) I am left with lots of questions (well, really just one) that I am seeking God to show me. I am willing to suffer anything if I know I am doing it for my Lord, but not that thrill about it if it is because of something else, do you know what I mean?

Well, ladies, it will take me a while to get around visiting everyone but be sure I will. ´Till then, I am off to find someone that would fix my washer machine, get some picking up/cleaning at my house and go buy groceries.

Pray for me if you wouldn´t mind.


Nina in Portugal said...

How in the world did you sleep all those people in your house!?!

That's a big group of folks!!

Hope you get your washer fixed soon....I get so stressed out when I'm behind on laundry.

You're gonna be exhausted and just want to stay home and do NOTHING by the time June 23rd rolls around....I'm hoping that you're not all worn out by then!!

Have a great day.....

Love and Hugs,

Jen said...

Praying for you, Pilar! I certainly understand that boat. Hope you get some rest before your next visitors arrive!

Denise said...

Hello sweetie, glad you enjoyed your time with your friends. I am sorry that things are rough right now financially. Asking God to bless you abundantly.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Hey there my friend! It's good to see you back again! I'm glad you guys had a great visit with your company. Sounds like fun.

I will be praying for you my friend. I know how frustrating those tihngs can be. Hang in there my sweet friend!

Laura said...

I understand all of the stress at once. We have been feeling it too! God is my provision and my strength!

My dad always says "If it can be fixed with money, its not truly a problem".

I keep reminding myself of that now that we have to buy and new computer and a new car!!

I will keep you in our prayers!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Oh, I know how you feel!! We have a record of things breaking unexplainably...arrrgghh. I'll be praying for you pronto!!

Alicia said...

What a great looking group! It is hard to have to entertain for a long time, and now you have to plan for more people.

I'll be praying for you, Pilar! The enemy doesn't want you to host anyone, the enemy wants to steal your joy and also discourage you in your walk. It's not you, my friend!!! The enemy is sneaky and will use anyone or anything to try to doubt our walk!!! Remember...we are already victorious through Christ!!


Dani Joy said...

Been thinkin bout ya! I just prayed for you and your dear family and will especially pray for the broken things to get the demons out of them! Satan knows you´re working on the front lines and he is throwin a lot at ya all at once.

I pray your time this coming week goes well.

momstheword said...

I will never mind praying for you, my friend!

I think God just allows difficulties sometimes just to grow us in our faith, and make sure we're leaning on Him. Also, as an opportunity to show us how awesome He is to provide.

We've had times where both our cars stopped working within the same week, and we were without transportation.

We've had a time when both our washer and dryer died the same week.

We've hard a water leak in the basement that flooded the carpet, and many other things.

Each time it's stressful, but each time God provides.

When things like that happen, I never think it's because of something I did that was wrong, I just assume it's something God is doing that is right!

mimi said...

Oh, I'm sorry that all those things broke at once. And with visitors coming and going. Praying that you will feel the peace that surpasses all understanding!!

Laura said...

I've been praying for you today, Pilar. I saw Paqui and Arancha tonight, along with so many other people! Tell Matthew I saw Aunt Deenie. She looked pretty, as always. Hope things are better for you soon!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Praying for you Pilar .... it can become overwhelming with all the company. I am very familiar with it!
Don't worry about a perfect house or perfect food, just enjoy the fellowship and make you company feel welcome:)
Glad your back!!

Mich said...

"When it rains, it pours..." hang in there. God takes care of His own.

I think that is so great that your church family could come and visit.

God bless.