A little part of the giveaway and a thanks to a friend

Hello ladies,

I know, I usually don´t post on saturday, but I have a little break from all the visits and I thought I would take advantage.

On thrusday, a family from a supporting church came to spend with us a week. They have been called to Spain as missionaries and this is their survey trip. So we are trying our best to behave ;).. LOL... and to make this trip a blessing to them.

On friday we received a group of "young adults" that are studying missions in a college in the States and are visiting different countries and areas as a survey trip also. They are staying actually with a missionary friends of ours in Madrid, and they thought they would come for a day and pass out tracts with us. Last night we passed way over 1,000 tracts downtown Granada.

Both groups and my husband are now visiting the Alhambra. I started going with them, but it is over 104 degrees and the girls were having a hard time, so I got them back home and so... here I am :). I will meet them for lunch.

Anyhow, I did find part of my blogverary giveaway. This time I wanted a giveaway with a Spanish flavor. Something typical from here. While walking throught the city last night I found this.

And what is this you ask?

Is a fan!! What is more typical from Spain that a handpainted spanish fan??? Pretty much nothing. Maybe a bullfighter but hey, we are all girls, so .... who is going to want a bullfighter? :)

Isn´t it beautiful? This is the back of the fan.... or the front..... whatever.....

You can start entering for this giveaway (I will be getting something else this week for you gals to include in the giveaway.... I need to look some more :)) by commenting in this post.

So, here are the rules. Because it is my blogaversay I want to thank, giving this giveaway, someone that has been a regular in this blog. Because I don´t have a way to know if you have been regular but by your comments, you would have had to comment in this blog more than a couple times. If you have, then I would love for you to enter. But one more thing, in your comment I want you to let me know what would you like me to write about. Give me an specific question, nothing general. It can be about me, our ministry, Spain, my family.... whatever! Your call!

I would also like to thank Kim from Stuff could always be worse, for the "Attitude of Gratitude" reward she has given me. I feel always so humble about someone thinking about me when wanting to give a reward, but I appreciate it so much. May it be always clear the God I serve by my attitude and testimony.

I hope you gals have a great day and I will see you on Monday!


Alicia said...

Hi Pilar!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL fan!!

Okay...I would love to read more about just your daily life with your kids! Nothing specific, but just your normal, everyday happenings! :)

And no worries about yesterday, my friend!!

Denise said...

Hello sweetie, you are so nice. What do you like most about Spain?

Nina in Portugal said...

I think I've commented more than 5 times, so please enter me!!

I think with 104 degree temps, a fan was a very appropriate purchase for you! Staying cool must be on your mind!

Ok...I'd like you to write about what you plan to do the three weeks you'll be Stateside. (Besides eat grits!)

Nicole said...

I just want to let you know that you are missed on days with no post. I know you have been very busy the past couple of weeks and will probably continue until your break in a few weeks. The fan is very pretty and the color is perfect. I am not much on entering the giveaway as I have not been follow for long, but I would like to know a few things about Spain. Do you have a lot of the same stores we have here in the states? Are the grocery stores similar, what about farmers markets? Is the housing set up similar or how is it different? What were the biggest differences for you between the states and Spain? I hope these are not to silly, just some things I am curious about. I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care.

Julia said...

Wow, that's HOT! Ugh. Do you have air conditioning in your house? That fan is very pretty.

My question for you is...When did you know that God had called you to the mission field?

momstheword said...

Wow, and I can't stand it when the heat gets up to the 80s or 90s! I love the heat but we don't have an airconditioner so it just drains me! Do you have an air conditioner?

I'm with Alicia, I like getting to know the "you" behind the blog. So I like how you post on what you're doing, etc. (But also enjoy hearing about your ministry and seeing the pictures)!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I think you deserve many awards and I am sure you will get them from God.

I would like to know how you were called to Spain?

PW said...

no thanks for the giveaway.

Just wanted to say the fan was pretty!

Beka said...

I have always enjoyed reading your blog, but my favorite posts are your funny stories (like making spaghetti and everything that went wrong on your wedding day!)

Hope y'all have a great visit in the U.S.! :-)

Dani Joy said...

Hi Pilar! You sure are one busy woman these days! Say hey to all your guests from us. (not sure if any know us or not. jeje well, we´re friendly)

Believe it or not I have never bought a fan here in Spain. Shame on me. But you can enter me in even though I live here right?

I have missed blogging but the break was good even though it was only a couple of days.

Now what could I ask you that I haven´t already talked to you about... hmmmm... lets see... hmmmm... jejej... What was it like when you first started going to church and got saved? What were the churches like then? What was Spain like then? oh no that´s a few questions. well, something like that.

have a great time with your guests. and yes behave yourself..jeje

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh what a beautiful fan! I think I qualify as a regular commenter ;) So I would love to be entered! I would also like to know more about your ministyr and your life in Spain. I would also love to read your testimony. You have an amazing love for the Lord and I would enjoy getting to knwo how it stared.

Congrats on the award my friend! You are a great blogging friend and deserve every award you get!

Aliene said...

Dear Pilar, Aounds like you are pretty busy and pretty hot. We are in the 90's here and that is hot enough. Is the humity bad there.
I suppose since my husband is of Spanish descent ~ I enjoy hearing anything about Spain. The people, the churches, how many misionaries
with the true gospel, etc. Then I enjoy any recipes that they enjoy there. The fan is beautiful but if yo don't have ac maybe you better keep it. lol

christy rose said...

I am somewhat new to your blog. I have only been visiting you for a week or two. But, I love coming here. I love reading about your life in Spain. I have recently found several missionary moms who have wonderful blogs, telling about their life and what God is doing through them and raising their babies on the mission field. I would love for you to write about your daily ministry and what you and your family's days look like. Are you hooked up with other missionary families, like a community?
BTW That fan is beautiful!
I love visiting you and getting to know you better.

Jen said...

Yea, I love giveaways! And red is a beautiful color! Let's see...what's the story of God calling you to Spain?

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful fan! Thanks for sharing with us dear sister.

Arlene said...

What a beautiful fan -- and the colors even match my home perfectly ;o)

Hmm... I would like to know some more other "authentic" spanish recipes... like, do you have a recipe for spanish rice? Or is that just an American side dish? :o)

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

What a beautiful fan! I love the color red!

I enjoy your blog already! I honestly am stumped right now : )