Question 2 answered

Nina´s question: Ok...I'd like you to write about what you plan to do the three weeks you'll be Stateside. (Besides eat grits!) ;)

Well, I have to say that everyone in the house has been super excited about the trip to the States in less than a week.

Thinking how close the date is getting, I can’t believe I am sitting in the computer instead of doing all the things I have to do.

All visits are gone so I need to clean the house, lots of washing clothes need to be done, grocery shopping done. Tomorrow is the girls´ last day of school and we will be pretty much gone all day with all the plays and celebrations they have prepared at the school. Monday, we will be travelling to Madrid because is it from where our plane leaves… but here I am, spending some time with you…. Should I just get up and leave…. ??

We are all thinking in the things we want to do. We definitively want to spend lots of time with family and friends. We do also want to spend sometime on our own. We are thinking about leaving the kids a couple of days with my in laws and taking a little trip just the two of us. It has been a long time since we had a date, but we have never spend the night out without the girls since my first one was born. I think that will be a much needed time for the both of us. We want to take the chance to pray over some decisions and try to make some plans.

I want to go Starbucks every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) aaaahhhh, Frapuccinos.

I want to eat in Macarroni Grill, I want to eat lots of Mexican. Make lots of chocolate chip cookies. I want to eat Chili.

I want to go to Michael´s and get lost looking at all the Scrapbooking stuff.

I want to go to Lifeway and get lots of Christian books, movies and music for the girls.

Kayla just wants to go to children church, Patch the Pirate and Sunday School with other kids.

Kayla and Nicole want to go to Chucky Cheeses (sp?) with their cousin Ally.

Noelia wants to go to Grandpa´s big swimming pool

I want to go to my favourite clothing stores without feeling sick looking at the price tags and not going crazy looking for my size.

I am for sure buying the girls winter clothes there if I can find them.

Most of all we want to take a break, a little vacation. A time to step back so we can go forward even stronger.

We are so going to enjoy this time!

Oh yeah and... I am so not eating grits :)


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

It sounds fun!!!! Im so excited we will have the girls in our class (we will right?) they're so cute! I wanna go with you guys to a bunch of places!!!!! I can't believe it's been 2 years since last time we saw you guys!

Denise said...

Sounds like some great things to do sweetie.

Stuff could always be worse said...

It sounds like a great time back home. I know the feeling, why the computer, when I have so much to do.
Love your stories about how you got to Spain also.

Jill said...

Enjoy it, Pilar! Just don't wear yourself out trying to cram everything in. (I speak from experience!) Any chance you can do an occasional blog while you're gone so we can see what you're up to?

Jill said...

BTW, if you decide you want to visit Florida while you're in the States, I know a place you can stay! hehehe

Dani Joy said...

Pray you get to do it all, girl! Especially that night out with your hubby. A must! It will be so worth it all!

I come in Monday evening to Madrid on train. Had a friend from high school who was going to pick me up but she went to the States last minute too. I just called to ask Ashely if she could maybe be able to get me at the train station. Maybe we can see each other anyway.

Well, if not, hope you have a wonderful time!!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm offended.

All I asked you to do for me was eat grits.

Now, I'll have to come up with something else for you to do.


hmmmmmm.....let's see.....

Go skinny dipping with your hubby in that big pool you mentioned!

(Late at night when everyone else is in bed....don't know what skinny dipping is my Spanish friend???? Ask your hubby!! HE KNOWS! He can't be from Alabama, and NOT know!)

Miss Charlene said...

Mmmmm Starbucks!! Have fun, and don't get an overdose on the fraps :D

momstheword said...

I can give you a recipe to make your own Starbucks Frapp, all you need is the flavored syrup. Can you buy flavored syrups over there? The rest of the ingredients is easy.

Wow, I hope you have a wonderful time! I know you will! Take lots of pictures and definitely take some time away with your hubby!

christy rose said...

I love Macaroni Grill! I hope you enjoy everything about your trip.

The Cook Family said...

I didn't hear that you were coming home for a visit. Let's make time to get together - you guys should stop by the house - If you dare! I am excited to get to see you so soon! Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got a great trip planned! I'm happy for you.


Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

I hope you get to do all of those fun things!! :)

Nicole said...

Can't blame ya for not wanting to eat grits. Sounds like ya have a lot planned and are really going to get much done, I hope it all works out. Especially the time alone with Matthew, the only time we have been alone overnight since Mercy's birth was in the hospital to welcome another one home ;) Remember, this is suppose to be a time to relax, don't over do it. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Take care

Julia said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Jen said...

Ok, starbuck's, Mexican food, scrapbooking, can I go with you??