Day 1: The things I have done

Hey ladies,

What a day we had yesterday! I figure an image is worth much more than words so, here it goes, my day in photos!

This one is actually from the day before. Excuse my hair and face but it was 12am for me although not in my already time zone changed wach. I had already been 9 hours in a plane, 2 trying to get out of the Atlanta airport nand another couple of hours in the car going to AL from GA. Dr Pepper, I have missed you so much!!!!!

Starbuck...... ahhhh!!!...... You all are aware of my love for Starbucks Fraps although I do not like coffee.... go figure..... so my first stop of course was to get one of those babies....... so good!!!!

I also love books, everyone knows that too, so my second stop... christian libraries!!!. I actually only got a couple of books for me, but the girls got Veggietales movies, music, we got some bibles for the work in Spain and other stuff.

Lunch time... Macarroni Grill..... oh, so good. It was funny because although it had been 2 years, my 7 year old remember that this was the place of the bread and oil.... she was so excited.... we all were. My sister came over with us.

Chicken scalopini..... sooooo gooooood!!!!!

After a much needed nap it was time for church. It was so exciting seeing the girls with their friends. They were all so excited my pew in church had more kids than adults sitting with us. Praise the Lord for Patch the Pirate!! :) That was one of the things Kayla was telling us she missed, so she was one excited girl. The three of them were.

It was a blessing for all of us. Getting to see our friends again and the christian fellowship is one of the things we miss the most. We really enjoyed church and my husband being preached at. A special blessing for me was to see my dear friend Iara. Her family is on deputation to go to Brazil and they are almost done, so that was so special.

And here is my nephew Sergio. I saw him while it Madrid, but he is so cute I couldn't help putting him in here.

We are having a great time and looking forward the rest of our time here. I will keep you posted.


Jill said...

Looks like you're having a fantastic time. Tell everyone we said hello!

Jen said...

Feel free to have a starbuck's for me!

Ashley said...

Glad to hear/see yal are having a good time! God bless

Ingi said...

Glad you are having a good time! I'm a little bit jealous, but I'm really busy with the group that is here. Enjoy every minute!!!!

Denise said...

I love the pictures, so glad you are having fun my friend.

Mich said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation.

Loved the pictures.

Laura said...

Love it, Pilar! I will enjoy reading about all your days. I think you should plan a scrapbook album about your trip. You could just keep doing the pictures and journaling every day on your blog. Then when you are ready to put together the scrapbook, you will have all the pictures and journaling ready! I'm glad "Day 1" was lovely!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

How fun! So happy that you get to spend some time in AL.... did you know that I am from Birmingham, AL?

Stuff could always be worse said...

So glad to see you enjoy what we take for granted. Looks great.
I know you are very happy.

christy rose said...

Pilar, I am so glad that it seems you are so enjoying yourself so far. I hope it all goes so well. Enjoy everything about it.

Dani Joy said...

Looks great! God bless America! ;)

Tori said...

Okay so I guess you didn't even consider all us missionaries still on the field. How cruel is it of you to share that Dr. Pepper??

Glad you're having such a good time! When are you heading home?