Thanks my friends

I don´t have much time. There are things to do and suitcases to pack but I didn´t want to put off thanking Dani Joy and Christy Rose for giving me "One lovely blog award". Thanks so much for thinking of me, and sending the award right back because you sure have a lovely blog too!!

I am suppossed to pass this award along to 15 other new found bloggers. But because I hope you understand the lack of time to blog today, and because I tried picking and is too hard because I love you all, take the award and coming from me to you because you, my friends, sure deserve it!
God is giving me so many blessings through all of you!!
Btw, have you enter my giveaway???? Don´t forget to leave a comment with a question from you to me :)!!! You have ´till next friday (included)


Denise said...

Blessings as you travel sweetie, love you.

Stuff could always be worse said...

You deserve the award, I completely understand that passing it on takes time.