Book review

Hello everyone,

Those that know me well know that i am a BIG time reader. I love to read. Like everyone, I have gone through different faces in my life and it shows in the kind of books that I read.

Right now I am into self-help books. I have a few books that I am looking forward reading, but right now I am reading "He speaks to me" by Priscilla Shirer (I know nothing about the author other than she wrote this book). It is good, it is getting better as I read.

It talks about listening the voice of god in our lives and how to prepare ourselves for it. It talks about how when we get closer to God, we humble ourselves, and we kneel before Him, we put ourselves in the right position to listen to His voice.

I will be sharing parts of it that were a blessing for me hoping that it will also be a blessing to you. But there was something especially touching that I read yesterday. As you all know we just moved to Granada, a place with a metropolitan area of almos 1/2 million people, without a good baptist church. Our prayer is that we may be able to start a church in the main city of Granada and Lord willing, be used to be a light in this city. That task can be pretty intimidating. I have to say though, that my faith is not shaking, for I have seen His hand working in Asturias, and I have seen Him work in my life for the last 16 years; but it is a blessing when God uses something to remind you that He is in control.

"God doesn't always call those that are well prepared, but He always prepares those He calls". I may don't think He can use me for His work, I am not much and I don't have many talents. But I am here, where He brought me, and I am giving myself to Him, so He can do whatever He wants with me and through me. I may don't have much, but what I have I have given to Him, for His honor and for His glory.

John 3:30 says He must increase, but I must decrease

1Co 1:27 "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty

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