Rejoice in the Lord always!

Praise the Lord!! You don't appreciate how important the "little things" are until you don't have them. We have been here in Granada a few weeks now, and we have been able to take care of all the main things, but the electricity. We haven't been able to cook, we haven't been able to do a lot of things. I have been praying so much for it and getting frustrated when I saw that wasn't being taken care of, and that each time the guy would come to get it done, he would find something else that was wrong and because of that he couldn't fix it... After all, why God wouldn't want me to have light, right?. Well, he didn't because I needed to learn to rest in Him and be content under any circunstances. Especially because we did have a little bit for the "main" things.

Now is funny, I imagine you don't think what a blessing it is to turn the hot water on and the water being hot, and you probably don't think being able to cook is such a great blessing. Well, I do. We have to praise God for all the little things we have and I do Praise God for it and for taking care of all the things we need.


Matthew said...

I just want you to know how proud I am to have you as my wife! You are an amazing woman! You have had to deal with many hard things, especially in the last weeks, and you always look to the Lord to see what you can learn in each situation.
You have done a great job with the blogs (this and the church); your talent and wisdom always impresses me.
You are the best mommy and wife that a man could ever ask for and I love you more than anything!
You are the BEST!

Pilar Stark said...

Wow, do I have a wonderful husband or what? Thanks baby, I love you.