Hi there,

Well, I am on the search for the perfect birthday gift for my husband. His bday is on Sunday, he will turn 32. I used to buy things, things that he didn't know where coming, and that is always fun. But the last few years with deputation and our first year here and so, we have been just letting the other one pick whatever they wanted, either the day of the bday or a few days earlier. That is nice, because you know you get what you want, but..... no surprise there so you miss the fun.....

So yesterday and today we went out to his favorite stores and I let him tell me the things he would like, a weight lifting bench, a electric raiser (I am so not getting him that, it is more a father's day present or christmas), a jacket..... So tonight I am suppossed to take off by myself and go get whatever I want of those things. My problem.... I don't know what to choose. :)

I think it is going to be a deal though to get out, there is a national race that starts here in Granada and most streets are closed, if you add to that, that Granada already has pretty bad traffic on a regular bases, and that it is friday night and most people get out too...... wow.... I am going to have to drive but if I didn't I would take some photos of the traffic so you could see it... it is baaadddd!!!

Last night, Alberto preached for us. It was really good, we are having a study on the book of Acts, what better example to start a chuch than the first church. I am looking forward the following weeks to see all the new things God shows me thru this book.

Well ladies, I am going to take care of some things around here and then head off. I will let you know of my journey thru Granada's traffic :)


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

You started this blog to make jealous, didn't you? lol, just kidding! shopping in Spain, going to the city in the evening... I miss that! Have fun shopping!!! I'm assuming you're going to Zara or Springfield... :( I love those stores... I'll call you guys to say happy birthday to my uncle! Have a good weekend! Take Ashley with you so she can take pictures of the traffic!!!!
I bet Alberto's preaching was great! Every time I went to one of his classes I learned something new that I had never thought about! He is so smart!

The Clanton Family said...

i want to go with you pilar shopping at night sounds very fun,everybody walking and everything.have fun

Laura said...

Tell Matthew we said "Happy Birthday"! Did you find the right gift? It was given in love; so, whatever you chose was the right gift. Hope you all have a good week!