Family photos

Yesterday we went back to Granada for some "sight seeing". I will share some more of that later with some pictures of the walls of the Alhambra, but for now I wanted to share some family pictures we took yesterday. Enjoy!

There he is, as handsome as ever :) I am so blessed to have as wonderful husband as Matthew is.
My four blessings.
My girl Kayla, she is starting 1st grade in less than a month :( She is getting soooo big
Sweet Nicole, she is 4 1/2 .
Noelia, she is so beautiful and goofie. She loves Hello Kitty and anything from it. It takes me forever to get her to smile and get at the camera all at the same time, but when she does, they are always great photos. What a beautiful family I have been bless with. PRAISE THE LORD!


Laura said...

You have a beautiful family, Pilar. We are just missing a picture of you. : ) Do you live outside of Granada? If so, how far? Sometime tell us about your neighborhood or the place where you live. Didn't you say it is a house and not an apartment? Do you live where you can walk to places such as a market or store or restaurant or do you drive everywhere? Also, do they have libraries in Spain? We were talking about Europe the other day and wondered if there are libraries there.

Pilar Stark said...

Well Laura, I live in a town out of Granada but is only 3 min away. We lived in a house which is nice because we have much more room than in an apartment of course. :) That is nice especially for the girls. Our neighborhood is all of new house, it is nice and quiet, too quiet :). In Spain we walk a lot, although with the girls sometime driving is much more comfortable. We are walking a lot more lately though, I need the exercise.
Spain has libraries, Spain and most countries in Europe are as modern as the States. Remember I told you the only thing we don't have is hersey kisses and Dr Pepper :). We have everything else though. We are not suffering missionaries here :), not about material things anyway :)

The Clanton Family said...

The girls are sooo cute pilar!!

Laura said...

Pilar, I hope that you don't think that I thought Europe was in any way behind. I just didn't know if other countries had libraries. As I said before, I am fascinated with how different countries and cultures are. So I am just always curious with how things are there. Are Hershey's kisses and Dr. Pepper some of your favorites?

I will definitely read up about Alhambra. And I think your pictures from there look great!

Pilar Stark said...

Laura, don't you even worry about that. I completely understand :) I was surprise when I saw the wedding pictures from Sheila's friend. I wasn't expecting anything so modern. Every country is different and it is great that you try to learn from everyone. I love your desire to learn new things and I think it is great that you try to pass that to your kids. You are a great mom :)