A new book finished

Yesteday I finished reading "A burka by love" by Reyes Monforte. It is the true story of a lady from Spain that moves to London, and there she falls in love and marries a man from Afganistan. He is open minded, nothing at all like the people from his town and family, but soon after they get married they decided to visit his parents. That first visit was a crazy trip, she had her first baby there, on the floor of her mother in law's (who btw hated her because she wasn't the one she had chosen to her son). She helped her to deliver her baby because since she was a woman she couldn't go to the hospital to have her baby. Woman are not allowed to go to the hospital, since only men can be doctors and they can't touch women. She got back to London, and for some crazy reason she decides to go back with her husband when they found out that his dad was very sick. When she got there they stole her passport, their money, and she got stuck in a country where no one, not even her own embassy would help her to get out. So she lived there for 3 years, withouth food, without money, and without rights.
It is an unbelievable story, worth reading. She finaly got back to Spain, last Christmas, with her kids, and husband.

I found the book in amazon, but I believe they only have it in Spanish. It opens your eyes to so many things, and it helps you to praise God for the country we live in.


The Clanton Family said...

That was great i am going to try to find it.thanks

Laura said...

That reminds me of a book that I read last year ~ "Not Without my Daughter". Scary! I am so thankful that I wasn't born in a place like that!

Pilar Stark said...

I haven't read that book but I watched the movie several times. It is a good one too. Although no without my daughter to me is even more scary because of the way her husband was. That one was also a true story right?

Pilar Stark said...

Juana, I found the book in amazon, that is actually where I got the photo from so I know you can get it there. In case it helps :)