What is going on?

Hey there,
Well today was one of those days, weird days. One of those kind of days when nothing happend but something is going on. When you don't hurt anywhere but you don't feel good either, just a weird day :). I am fine though hehe.
We got up expecting a exciting day. We were finally going inside the Alhambra. But finally, after we got everyone in the car, headed there, parked and walk to the entrance we heard an announcement. The tickets were sold out :( "My joy in a pit" hehehe. This is a spanish saying. It is kind of you lost your joy, well, you get the picture :). And it was hot anyway, so, although we could have gotten some tickets for 3 hours later, we decided to just find somewhere else to go and just get the tickets ahead of time in the internet..... Next week, will be the week :).
We came back home, and I took a little time off to read some. I am reading this book, "a burka for love". It is really good, I will let you guys know when I finish it. It is not a christian book, it is a biography... but as I said, when I finish I will let you guys know about it. It always leaves me with a strange feeling, that woman went thru a lot! and I get into the books I read :).
Well, this time left me sleepy, I feel asleep yeah, way too long of a nap. And I am not a nap person, so when I woke up, I felt even weirder (Is that a word or I just made it up?).
Then I went to buy some stuff for tomorrow to the store, stopped in a terraza and came back home. Wow, what an exciting saturday uh?. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exciting, just a lazy day... i am not a lazy day kind of person.... heheheheh this is a weird post uh?
Tomorrow, after the night service, we are going up to Villacarrillo. I am excited!! Villacarrillo is in Jaen, a small town where my family is from and where I lived for 6 years when I was little. I always loved going there when I was growing up, it was fun, so fun... I have been wanting to go since we moved to Spain, but haven't been able to because Gijon was very far (about 11 hours). now we are only 1 1/2 hours away, so I know I will escape there often.
I will take some photos and share when you guys. Oh, btw, my dad will be there and also my sister, bro in law and 2 nieces (the girls will have fun :)!!!) They are spending a few days there.
Well see you guys in a few days then.

Oh, if you believe I had a weird day you should have seen Ashley, she had a little moment when she was singing a weird song about being "spezal" (special), I have no idea what she was saying, but it was too funny. Do you all know Ashley?

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Laura said...

I look forward to hearing about your little trip. I have questions running through my mind; but, I will wait until you return and see what you say about it. I hope you all have a wonderful time together!