Craft time!!

We all were children once and we remember how much fun play dough was-- "plastilina" in Spanish. My girls love playing with it, but I am always afraid that, with Noelia aroud, I will find play dough anywhere in the house. So I have to confess that I haven't allow them to play with it in the house. But now that we have the downstairs, we set a table there and went to the store and bought them some craft supplies. There is one more reason for them to love it downstairs :) I will be joining them soon, since I set up a table for my scrapbooking :).

Anyway, I was wanting so share some photos of them having fun :).


Laura said...

It looks like they are having fun! Did you find a school for the girls?

Kristi Gentry said...

The girls are getting so big! I'm loving your photos, Pilar!!

Pilar Stark said...

Thanks again :) I am sure blessed with my three girls and my wonderful husband :).
Pray for the girls school, I have to go Sept 1st to sign them up for school, they start around the 12th. Schools are close july and aug so that is why I have to wait until then. I am hoping they get in in the school right behind our house, I could keep an eye on the better that way and also know their friends better since they would live around here.... Pray for it please