More tourism- take 2 :) hehe

Go down and read first or this photos would not make any sense to you, somehow I can't copy it to the top of the post... :( . Laura, go and google La Alhambra, I think you would love to read about it's history :)

This was my wall..... It may make no sense to some of you but I find so much beauty in it...

Well, here are the photos that I told you guys about. We went to the Alhambra and although we didn't go inside (we will soon though) because we didn't have much time before lunch we decided to take a little trail and walk by it. The wall are so beautiful. I am a history geek and although some people find no beauty in walls, I do, so I am posting some photos for those of you that would enjoy something like this. I have to say, I was looking around this place and was thinking what beautiful photos my niece Arancha would be able to take there :) So girl, when are you coming, I want some family photos there. For those of you that have been missing out my nieces photography work, click on Arancha Staples, she is on "my friends" list and enjoy. Well, I can't compare but.... there they go.

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Nate & Arancha Photography said...

Wow thank you... I got blushed... I'll do your pics in Granada, we just need to know when we can go, because it might be in a long time! we can't wait though! Granada is so beautiful! Do you live any close to Salobrena?