Prayer request

Hello again,
I was just wanting to pass this along so, if you remember, you can pray for us. We think we have found the best place and locale to start our church here in Granada. We do need to come up with the money for it though. We were not going to start looking so soon, and much less where we planning in renting as early, so we were planning to save some money during this first months. Also the situation with the dollar/euro hasn't make the saving much easier.
Well, we know that if God wants us to have this locale He will provide with the money too. :) The signing of the locale is the first of september.
If you want to know more details or see photos of the locale you can go to our web page and read more and see more.
Thanks everyone for praying.


Laura said...

Pilar, I have been praying this morning since reading your note about this. I looked at the pictures. Wow! It looks like it would be a great place! I also enjoyed seeing a little of the city's buildings and the people, also. I will be praying for God's will in this matter. Keep us updated.

The Clanton Family said...

we be praying!!!