Our trip to Villacarrillo

On Sunday night we went to Villacarrillo, a small town (population of 11,117) where my family is from and where I lived from 2nd grade to 6th grade (both included). We also spent every Easter and summer vacation there. I love Villacarrillo, I have great memories there and I absolutely love everything to do with this small little town. We came back Tuesday morning, so we really only spent 1 day there, but I wish I could have stay lots longer. Actually I would have love for the Lord to send us there. But He didn't and He has a perfect plan for that town, so I am just praying that God would send someone there to talk to them about Christ.
I actually had the chance to talk to the neighbour across the street about the Lord. Not much, but a little bit. She actually asked, she wanted to know what it is that we belive. I wished I could have talk to her longer. But praise the Lord for the little bit that I got to share.

This is the way the streets and houses look like. At night the neighbours get out with chairs and spend hours talking to their neighbours. You become like family and everyone knows everybody in the town. Every family has a nickname and that is how they know who you are related to. In many ways it is like going back to the past, but I just love it. Yeah, I know, I always say that I am a city girl, but for this town I would do an exception. :)
This is my sister Belen and I. We were eating a nocilla sandwich (chocolate spread) in bollo de aceite bread (oil bread is the name, not exactly what it is). My mom used to give me that for merienda (snack betweek lunch and dinner) and it has been years since I had it last. It was so good!!

This photos are from the catholic cathedral in Villacarrillo. It is a beautiful buiding architecturaly speaking, from the gothic and early Renaissance.
This is the building where the false Jehovah's witness meet. I think they came about 10 years ago. There is nothing but them and catholics there. Pray that soon there will be a gospel witness church there please. One thing that caught my attention is that the sign says "Kindom Hall of the christian Jehova's witness". They usually don't use the word "christian" in their name.
Villacarrillo is surrounded by olive trees. I actually found a page that says that Villacarrillo is the 1 st town in the world producer of olive oil, althouth tradicionaly is "Martos" a town close by. Everyone in Villacarrillo has olive trees and most of them live only of them.
This is "el paseo" a place where everyone goes to "walk". You can find the whole town there at night. We took the girls there to go to the park. They really enjoyed it.

This is the main plaza in the town, close to the court house. Is the fountain of the lions. This was one of our favorite spots to play too when I lived there.
Left to right Noelia, Kayla, Nicole and my niece Paula.
I used to play with my friends in the same spot and doing the same things that my girls and niece where doing.
This is the front of the school I used to go to when I lived there. It was a catholic school.
This is another park where we used to play when I lived there. So many memories.

I can't wait to go back although I believe I won't be able for a long time. :(. I love my little town.


The Clanton Family said...

awww looks so beautiful!!

Laura said...

Pilar, thanks so much for sharing. I LOVED seeing the pictures and reading about your memories there! That is neat that you will be able to pass that on to your girls. Is your dad in good health? Would that sandwich be something we could make here?

Kristi Gentry said...

these are beautiful, Pilar!

Pilar Stark said...

Thanks girls :).
Laura, I think you guys have nutrella which is the same than nocilla, only nocilla taste so much better. The bread actually I have only been able to find un Villacarrillo, I wonder if they would have it here in Granada since it is so close... need to look for it that's for sure.... or maybe I shouldn't hehe :)
My dad is doing good with his health, but he is now harder than ever. In all aspects actually, pray for him please.

Nate and Arancha Photography said...

I love Villacarrillo!!! I wish I could have been there with you guys! To remember our childhood, hehehe I dont remember that bread? did la abuela not make those for us? You guys must have had a great time there!!!! and with the family and everything!!!! I love el pueblo! I saw the false Jehova Witnesses too last summer there! man! how is that possible?