Tourism in Granada

Hello everyone,
Today we spent the day in Granada. We haven't been able to go to just do some tourism. We usually go to run errands or do paperwork but nothing else. It was so beautiful.
Anyhow, I thought I would post some photos and let you see Granada :). Let me know what you think.
Us 5 in Granada. I am happy because now that Alberto and Ashley are here I can finaly be in the photos. Usually I am the one that takes them :)
We went up to the top of this mountain and we found this "look out" area. You could see the center and south of the city and neighbour cities around Granada. This is only one small part of the city that you see behind us. I took 7 photos of just the center and the south. Matthew went to the other side and took another 6 or so of the rest of the center and the north side.

Granada is huge. The metropolitan area of Granada has half a million people. The university of Granada has more than 60,000 students. So much work to do, can't wait to start!

You can sit in "terrazas" and get a coke. They give you a "tapa" to go with it which is a snack. Only the snack is so big that you can get yourself 2 cokes and eat dinner for free. I love Andalucia :).

I hit the price though, I wasn't looking for it but I found the street where all the main clothing stores are. HAHAHA!!

Although it was over 102 degrees the streets were packed.

Matthew is more of a nature person, and that is why he absolutly loved Asturias. I liked Asturias, don't take me wrong, and I love to see God's beautiful creation. But I admit I am a city girl and love architecture. I love buildings :) Anyhow, this is the post office in one of the main streets.

This is a photo that I took of the front door of one of the catholic cathedral in Granada. It was huge, this is just a small part of it.
I will post more photos of Granada next time I get out. Talk to you guys later


The Gerard Family said...

Hi Pilar! Thanks for the comment..I remember you guys - wow your youngest is sure growing fast!! :) You guys look great! I love your blog layout....how did you get it like that? I am trying to do something cute with mine. It looks too plain!! Good to hear from you and thank you for your prayers! :)

Laura said...

I am really enjoying reading what is happening with your family. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing your family and Spain! You are in my prayers.

Kristi Gentry said...

beautiful, Pilar!! I really wish we were able to visit soon!

Pilar Stark said...

Hello Priscilla, I will send you an email and let you know where I got the template done.
Laura, great hearing from you, Missing reading about you in myfamily web page. Are you planning in blogging any time soon? I think you would love it.
Hey Kristi, anytime :).

Nate & Arancha Photography said...

I love Granada! We cant wait to visit you guys there and help a little bit! and of course go shopping maybe on one of those streets you mentioned.... hehe

Laura said...

Pilar, what would they serve you for tapas? What kinds of prices do you have to pay for such things there? I am so curious about things there. I'd love to see more pictures, even of things like where you buy your food and such. And don't forget when you get settled to let us see your house. It is fascinating to me to read of life in other parts of the world.

The Cook Family said...

It looks so beautiful - I hope to visit you guys some day. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I have really enjoyed playing around with it. Aly is great - She makes everything look so much better. Love your pictures. Keep it up. How are Ashley and Alberto?

Deanna said...

Que bonito!! Looking forward to going down for a visit and seeing it for ourselves! How is the unpacking going?