A Full House of Growing Pains

Well, done with another book. This one was "A Full House of Growing Pains" by Barbara Cameron. She is the mother of Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver on t.v. show Growing Pains) and Candance Cameron (DJ on Full House). It is an interesting biography about her, her kids (how the got in the bussiness and how she manage it/them), her relationship with her husband and children, how they met the Lord, and then she shares a little bit about The Way of the Master, Make a Wish Fundation, Camp Callaway, Children Hunger Funds. All ministries they were/are a part of or started. They used/use a lot of what they had to help others, and after their salvation to spread the gospel.

I am a big "fan" of the testimony of Kirk Cameron and has been a blessing to see his stand on Christ, regardless of what others say about him. Being famous and then getting saved and not only being a christian, but taking a strong stand, has left many calling him crazy.

Recently he did "Fireproof", a new movie from the creators of "Facing the Giants" and "Flywheel" (I have both movies, so worth watching). I am so looking forward being able to see Fireproof.... Anyway, my friend Deanna posted a video of him talking in one of the morning shows on National tv. I have no idea how to do that, so I cannot put it here. The hostes asked him if it was true what they heard "they flew his wife to the set so she could doble for the lady that was doing the part of his wife in the movie, to shoot the kiss scene. So it wasn't the actress but his wife the he was kissing in the movie". I thought that was a great testimony!!

Anyway, I always post about the books I read so, thought I would do it with this one too. I would recommend it, it was good.


Dani Joy said...
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Miranda said...

Hi! I found your blog on Rachel Smith's blog. My husband and I recently attended a conference by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron in our state of West Virginia. We also are Independent KJV Baptist, and we went to the conference cautiously. We had a blast. We didn't hear anything that was too far off. Their evangelism message is great. Kirk spoke several times, and his testimony is real.

Pilar Stark said...
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Pilar Stark said...

Miranda, thanks for posting. Yeah I have also found a great blessing on this family and their testimonies. A friend of mine went to one and told me it was great, it is how I heard about the book first. I have seen the way of the master several times and believe it is a great way to approach people and tell them about the Lord in a place like Spain where everyone believes in their works.
Thanks again for sharing