What is going on??

Hey there,

Haven't been posting much, I know, it has been some kind of week. Many changes and many trials but looking up to Jesus. I knew when I started my devotional about trials God was going to have to see if I understood what I was learning :). Well, be all for the glory of God.

First, last Sunday, while taking a shower I found a lump under my arm. Now, I am not the kind that freaks out and goes bannanas but... still affects me and little fears start popping on your head. Those are things that you just can't help, well, at least I think so. I have an appointment for the 24th of this month to get it check. I tried to go to the doctor last wednesday but, not a reflexion of spanish doctors, the guy was a jerk (notice I did not call him a doctor). There is nothing more embarassing for me that going to the gynecologist; embarrassing and uncomfortable, as I am sure most women would agree, but this one was even worst. I always had men doctors so didn't think much of it, but.... Anyway he was a jerk and very, very rude.

So I have an appt the 24th with a women doctor :) and will let you know what is up.

I have been also having some weird "sickness" going on. I feel very dizzy (not just light headed), so I am taking some vitamins to see if it helps. I am also back to my really bad headaches (have them for the last 6 years for those that don't know me and are still reading this weird post), which brings nausea and weakness... blah, blah, blah... enough about me, but please pray if you would remember.

Today it was moving day for my nephew and his wife Ashley. We are sad to see them go and will miss them much, but we know that they wouldn't do it unless they knew it was God's will. We were going to be working together here in Granada, but Alberto has been having problems finding a job here (he has been looking since Aug) and has been praying about it. Not too long ago he got a call from a pastor in Madrid that needs someone to take his church while he is on furlough (Madrid is the capital and for that matter has lots more job openings- as well as my family living there that could help them out with that too). After praying about it they decided to go. As I said, we will miss them but... Madrid is only 5 hours away :). And, as I thank you, they gave us this great coffee maker that makes all kind of yummy coffees so... I will be hyper this days hehehe :)

My in laws will be here on wednesday. They are traveling from the States and we are sooo excited to see them. The girls especially are going nuts. They will be here for a couple of weeks, so we will have thanksgiving together... good, because I never made a thanksgiving dinner by myself and this will be a good chance to do it with the great help of my mother in law.

SO........ nothing really has happend but lots has..


Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Pilar, I was just praying for you and was so happy to see you post. I was going to try to contact you to see how things are.

I am continuing to pray for you. I think it is great you found a woman doctor. I have delivered both my bio kids overseas with women doctors. I would not dare go to a man!

Dani Joy said...

Hey girl, I really have been praying for you these past couple of days. I wonder...? well, I will call you and ask you..jeje. I know how you like surprises. Man, I hate waiting for dr. apointments.

The Clanton Family said...

hey pilar estare orando por ti y confiaremos en Dios que todo va a salir bien en tu cita.

Pilar Stark said...

Thanks ladies, I appreciate so much your prayers.:)

Nina in Portugal said...

I will be praying for you and your health.

I know you are excited about your visitors. we just had my mom and step-dad here in which we celebrated Christmas...so yes...I put up a tree on Nov 1st!! And it's still up! I love it...