He holds our hand

My husband has used this story in a sermon before. It wa a blessing to me and thought may be to you too. I think he got it in an email. Think about it...

The story tells about a mountain climber, who wanted to climb the highest mountain. He began his adventure after many years of preparation, but since he wanted the fame and glory for himself, he decided to climb the mountain alone. The night felf heavy in the heights of the mountain, and the man could not see anything. All was black and dark with zero visibility, and the moon and the stars were covered by the dark clouds.As he was climbing, only a few feet away from the top of the mountain, he slipped and fell into the air, falling at a great speed. The climber could only see black spots as he went down in the air, and the terrible sensation of being sucked by gravity. He kept falling... and in those moments of great fear, it came to his mind all the good and bad episodes of his life.He was thinking now about how close death was getting, when all of a sudden he felt the rope tied to his waist pull him very hard. His body was hanging in the air...only the rope was holding him, and in that moment of stillness he had no other choice but to scream,

"Help me God!!"

All of a sudden, a deep voice coming from the sky answered,"What do you want me to do?"

He cried, "Save me God!!

"Then the voice said, "Do you really think I can save you?"

He cried back, "Of course I believe you can."

The voice said, "Then, cut the rope tied to your waist."

There was a moment of silence.Then the man decided to hold on to the rope with all his strength.The rescue team tells, that the next day a climber was found dead and frozen... his bodyhanging from a rope, with his hands holding tight to it...


And you? How attached are you to your rope? Will you let go?

Isa 41:13 For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.


Barbara Cameron said...

Hello Pilar,

Thank you for your review of my book, "A Full House of Growing Pains". I appreciate your kind words to our family and your support and encouragement to Kirk and his ministry and film "Fireproof". The dvd should be out Jan./Feb. of 2009.

May the Lord's blessings be upon you as you labor in the field that is white for the harvest.

God bless,
Barbara Cameron

Deanna said...

Hey girl! Wow...a comment from Barbara Cameron! How special. = ) She really seemed like a sweet lady when my Mom and I met her in Atlanta. Their family testimony is such a blessing.

BTW, I was reading some info. on headaches...one of our many common ailments, jeje, that was pretty interesting. I'll give you a call to let you know what I found out! Besos!

Deanna said...

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Beth White said...

wow that is a great story! funny that we have problems sometimes trusting in the Lord. thank you for sharing