Happy Thanksgiving

* I am thankful for a wonderful husband that has given me another wonderful year. Each year keeps getting better and better. This year has been hard but our love has won over all trials.
* I am thankful for answer prayers. He gave the girls a great school in Gijon with great friends and now in Granada He is doing it all over again. They have learned the Spanish just as if it was their first language. They have adjusted to Spain so well.
* I am thankful for Nicole getting saved and the privilege to be the one to lead her to Him.
* I am thankful for the time God gave us in Gijon and the people we got to meet there. Many of them have become more than just friends, but family.
* I am thankful because I can see God molding me every day. He is patient with me and merciful. He is turning me into a different person, one that with His help, seeks to follow Him closer and closer.
* I am thankful for great friends that understand me and love me anyway.
* I am thankful for the new ministry God has given us here in Granada, and praying that His name would be honor through it.
* I am thankful for this blog and the people I have “met” because of it. I didn’t know it was going to be such a blessing to me, but now there is no way I can do without. Thanks ladies!!

For all those things and so many more (but I have to go before my turkey gets burned :-)) I thank and praise God for this year.



Dani Joy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all there!

Beka said...

Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving!