Our Thanksgiving Dinner

How was your thanksgiving?
Ours was really good. It was going to be my first time cooking turkey since we have always been at someone’s else home for thanksgiving dinner. But thanks to my friend’s Deanna recipe for “Best ever turkey” and the help of my great mom in law, the dinner was great. If you want to try her recipe next year, look under “my blogging friends”’s section and go to “Deanna A”.
Turkeys are always a tricky thing. Often they are dry and hard to eat so you fill up on all the extras, but this year wasn’t the case. Great juicy turkey, great tasting gravy (also Deanna’s recipe), mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, corn…. I think that was it. We had peach cobbler for dessert with vanilla ice cream….. soooo good.
Also the company was a blessing. We have spent 2 thanksgiving here in Spain, but we haven’t felt alone, God is so good to bless us. Last year we spent it with the Andrews, the Contreras, and with Miguel and Kristi. This year we had my in-laws and Olga, a lady that comes to our church.
After dinner we had a small devotional about thanksgiving, not only when things come our way, but also thanksgiving in times of difficulty. We are to be thankful to God for every season in life. We looked at the testimony of Paul, Job and Joseph. We sang and prayed, and share some of the things we are thankful to God for.
Later, we played games (Yathzee, Pit, Uno…) and had so much fun.
Today CHRISTmas starts officially at the Stark’s household (that will be us), so we are putting up our tree and decorating it. Slowly but surely, we will start seeing presents under the tree, always careful to remember that the birth of our Lord, and Savior, is the real reason for this celebration.
I pray you had a great Thanksgiving Day, remembering God’s wonderful blessings; and that now that CHRISTmas is around the corner, you would set aside time to remember Christ’t birth.
So, would you mind sharing how you spent Thanksgiving and maybe something you are Thankful for? Come on, I am sure everyone can at least share one thing…. Can’t you?

Deenie and I with Mr. Big Bird

Our Thanksgiving Table

Gary, Matthew and Deenie
Nicole and Olga (the other two little girls were playing under the table ;))


Nate and Arancha Photography said...

wow, your table looks super cute! and the food! I'm glad you all had a good day!

Dani Joy said...

Great fun! What a blessing to have family over! We had a lovely dinner..lots of work but yummy! I am so thankful it all seemed to turn out good, too. I might post the pictures but then well, looks aren´t everything.jeje.
We had the Rodrigez family over. They said they wanted to see what Thanksgiving was all about and so we wouldn´t be alone. ;)

Ashley said...

Looks delicious, glad it went well, Ill have to check out the turkey recipe, mine turned out normal...dry, not awful, but normal:)