Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend and it wan't because the weather was great. Actually it rain all weekend long, I haven't seen so much rain together since we move here. But we had a great time with friends.

On thrusday evening Jeff, Deanna and Aaron Andrews came over to help us pass out invitations for out first Sunday. It was raining, but still had a great time. Deanna and I stayed in the church to take care of the kids, because someone has to stay and that left us with a no even number and one lady really should go out door to door especially at night... you get that :).

On Friday morning Ashley stayed so Deanna and I could go, and although I had one of those funny stories where you wish you had use your brain before saying what you said...it was soo funny... I haven been advise not to share that story. :)

Friday night Deanna and I stayed again and we were able to start a blog that we hope will be a blessing for the missionary ladies here in Spain. A blog where we can get to know each other better and share blessings, prayer request, ressourses... you get the picture. When the rest of the group got back we were able to hear about a great visit that Ashley and Alberto had where a lady asked them in and asked questions for 2 hours!! And Jeff and Matthew getting to meet pretty much every pastor of every church of every denomination that there is in Granada (I guess they all lived around the church and found them while door to door) and Jeff even getting offer money a few times because they thought he was a J.W. hehehe, and I guess that is what they do. We have plenty of funny, interesting, weird and really great stories to share after this couple of days. We were able to pass out 800 of the 5,000 that we have to pass over the next 5 weeks, so we had lots accomplished. Thanks for coming Jeff, Deanna and Aaron!! Of course having great friends over the weekend makes it even more fun, although we couldn't show them around because of the rain. Now they have to come back! :)

On Sunday we had a great second sunday in the church. Lucio came of course, and also Olga came. She is from germany and was saved there. She is here because of the college. Lord willing she will continue to come. She was a very nice girl and very doctrinaly sound for what I could tell, so, would be refreshing to have someone in the church like that, and also a great blessing.

We have been passing out for the 7th of December (and really just started this weekend), so it is only of God that we had 2 people coming.

On another note, I finish the book I was telling you about last week "Cruel Love" and wow is all I have to say. I am starting "A full House of Growing pains" from Mrs. Cameron and I am looking around in my library to see what else I start. Or maybe I will start/keep reading "The power of a praying wife" because for some reason I am having a hard time getting into it.

This next weekend is going to be full of canvassing morning and evenings, but I will be staying with the girls most of the times (since after all someone has to stay with the kids and they are my first responsability) although Ashley will keep the girls a couple times so I can enjoy that blessing to. Thanks Ash!

We will talk soon.

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Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord! What a blessing to be sure! We will be praying! So it doesn´t just rain in Asturias. jeje. It´s been raining for a week strait now. jeje. I am fine with it(have to be) but it´s Just Joseph who has to really fight with the rain at practices. Abrazos, Dani